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Default Free Vintage I.Q. Unlimited Computer to Good Home (Just Pay Shipping)

I'm one of those people that has trouble throwing out busted obsolete computer equipment, much less working obsolete computer equipment, but my parents are tired of keeping it all at their house and I don't have any room at my place, so a lot of stuff has got to go. I'm just starting to go through it all, but here is an interesting item:

It's an I.Q. Unlimited Computer, circa 1991. I can't find the power adapter for it right this moment, but if I remember right, it allows you to play a variety of 'learning' games, such as hangman and a spelling game and similar. It has a D-25 jack in the back that I believe is meant to be hooked up to a special printer, as well as an RCA 'video out', an 'RF out' and a 12V DC input. It can be powered by either said input or by 4 C batteries.

Obviously, to 99% of the population it is worthless, but I figured someone here might be interested. I'm going to go ahead and pack it up, and if anyone would like it, just compensate me for shipping. I don't imagine it could be more than $10 to anywhere in the USA. Use it, take it apart, mod it (), whatever. I would just rather someone got some use out of it rather than throwing it away.

Any form of payment works. PayPal is easiest, or if you don't have an account I can send you an invoice and you can pay with any credit card through paypal, or check or money order works too.

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lol man im like that too i have so much crap in my garage including my first pc from 1996
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i feel you, i know exactly how you feel, i hate throwing out anything! i have a comp from 1989 i just cant throw anything out... altho my room could use a cleaning
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im suprised no one has tried to crack a joke about its ability to play crysis yet...

couldnt you sell it on ebay for a small amount? wouldnt there be ppl out there who would love something liek that?
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