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Default Trying to Repair a Vista installation.

I am trying to repair my Vista. When I click repair your computer. it brings me to a screen and says select an operating system to repair and click next. but nothing shows up in the box. I am trying to do the repair because I am having some problems with corrupt files. also it says if nothing shows up click load drivers to load drivers from your hard disks. when i click that it says insert the installation media for the device and click OK to select the driver.

I do not know what to do with this.

can somebody help
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From what I have read Vista dose not like to repair it self. With XP it did lead to problems. I would do a reinstall and get everything and copy to an old hard drive or burn to disk.

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Where are you seeing the option to repair Windows on the post screen or when booting up with a recovery disk? When you click the option to load drivers that is when you are trying to see device drivers installed for a particular device like a sata drive.

The Vista installer already sees generic sata drivers while XP often needed a driver floppy made up in order to detect a sata type hard drive on many boards when going to install that version of Windows. Some information on the problems being seen in Vista would be better here since the only automatic repair tool on the installation disk is for repairing problems with seeing the new version load up at boot time. That repairs the boot information mainly.
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