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Default Dell Vs. Gateway Vs. HP

On of my colleagues just talked to me about buying a computer and they asked me what brand. Which one should they go with? Who has the best support? Ect.

Dell , HP or Gateway

I haven't heard the best about gateway though.
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if you ask me they all suck and its best to make one
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I custom build my own, but this person wants a brand name. I think they want the support. This is that persons first computer.
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HP is probably the best of those 3. Gateway has disastrous customer service, Dell has cheap hardware and worse customer service than Gateway. At least when you call HP you can understand them.
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well if you must buy one then hp
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HP gets my vote.
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ohh Hp without a doubt,they are quite good systems.
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Default if have to go with a prebuilt...

...go with HP, but I would strongly go agaist it. However, Dells and Gateway are far worse. I know three people who's HP's have failed. My friends motherboard is currently failing. And his pinter cartrige exploded and has the get the printed replaced. I lost my motherboard, video card, hard drive, and memory. And one of my teachers lost his HP. Oddly enough, we all lost them about two yeaes after they were bought. Even thought they were bought at different times. They all seemed to fail just months after the included warrantee expires forcing you to buy an extended service plan for $200 and wait 2 weeks for you to get your computer back from service. Besides, HP's customer service is often over seas and it is likely that 75% of the time you call, that you will get an Aisian, India, or Mexican customer service rep. that can barely speak or understand American and will cause you to waist at least 6 six hours of you time. And then once you are able to communicate with the customer service rep., you will be without a computer for almost a month because HP has a horrible turn-a-round time. I wish just wish that they were a better company and that I did not have to say such horrible things about them. I just will say that I will never buy HP again and spend $1100 dollars on a computer worth $800 (when I bought it) and spend so much time and money getting a computer to work so many times and find out that it did not work and waisting so much of my time on a completely worthless computer!!
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None of them! Tell him to build his own . If it's an option, that is.. there are TONS of tutorials on what parts to chose and assembly. He'll save hundreds.
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wow you guys are bashing Dell, they have my vote. They're a totally different company from what they were a few years ago. Not just basic office computers anymore, they offer great computers at a great price. They customer service is great too, my friend has one and they help him over the phone almost right away. They even send techs out if it's unable to be fixed via phone instructions.
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