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Default How Much Is My Monitor Worth?


I'm looking to sell my monitor pretty soon, but I'm not sure how much it's worth. It's a Dell 19" Flat Panel LCD (not widescreen). I've had it for about two years, and it shows no signs of ware (other than some filth spots which can be cleaned).

What do you guys think?


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Probably $100-$200
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I've seen brand new 19" monitors go on sale for ~$100 all the time.

If it really looks new, I would say $75.

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Originally Posted by kookooshortman55 View Post
I've seen brand new 19" monitors go on sale for ~$100 all the time.

If it really looks new, I would say $75.
+1 there is not much of a market for old LCD's because the new ones are so cheap and boast better response times/contrast and so on.
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I would say $50. There is no way you are going to get $100 for that unless the person buying it is a complete idiot, lol.
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I would say nothing less than $75 but nothing more than $150. This sounds like a nice monitor do not just give it away
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If it's been pampered and has no pressure spots/blemishes, then at MAXIMUM $100 (with shipping).

As said, these days LCD's are too cheap to really even consider a "used" LCD. Heck, you can pick them up from roadsides now.
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