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Default What are the downfalls of Macbooks? (im getting a new notebook)

I don't know that much about computers so I need your guys' help.

My HP notebook is getting in bad shape, I have about 9 different colored lines running down my screen, and if I have my screen opened to certain angles, the screen will go completely blurry and I have a feeling that it will be out of commission soon...

So I am thinking about getting a new laptop soon. At this moment I think that I am going to buy some sort of Macbook. (I am not a gamer, I just want a new computer for school and to last for a long time while maintaining quality).

I was just wondering what is the worst things that happen to Macbooks? I was wondering if they ever freeze up like my HP does? Do Mac books get the lines down the screen like my HP has? Do Macs last longer than other notebooks? What are the downfalls of Macs compared to other notebooks other than gaming quality?

I also am wondering what the difference is in quality of a Macbook and a Macbook pro? Is the Macbook pro really worth it?

Thanks for the help everybody.
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Apple has fantastic hardware, they make software that fits it perfectly.

I have a friend who buys nothing else and I've never heard him complain
about bugs or freezes.

I personally wouldn't spend that much money on a laptop that will limit
my software options. You're paying for the hardware, which is great.

But, you'll be stuck with all the Mac software, unless you run Bootcamp
and install Windows on it.

After all that money, just to install Windows on it...? Save yourself a
$1000.00 and just buy a new Windows laptop.

Just my opinion.
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Everything Bodaggit said is very true. Macs as a rule has significantly less problems, but you'll pay significantly more for a similarly powered machine. Part of the reason why they have less problems is because malware and their ilk are mostly written for PCs since they make up a much greater portion of the computer population. However, don't think that they don't still freeze up or crash on occasion, they do.

Otherwise, the points made above are the only other things I would really think about.
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A Macbook is kinda like a Sony. They use good parts so they tend to not break as often. But, it's still a computer thats prone to crashing/bugs, especially if not properly maintained.

Oh, and prepare to relearn how to do mostly everything.
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Mac are good notebooks.
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ok thanks...what is the major advantages to getting a Macbook pro over a Macbook
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Better video card, thinner, higher res screen, faster processor,faster/more ram, better battery life.
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Originally Posted by JoeSakstrup View Post
ok thanks...what is the major advantages to getting a Macbook pro over a Macbook
The "Pro" models do have a better screen and graphics sub system (Nvidia 9400M vs 9600M GT. You can also typically configure them with higher powered CPUs.

One other consideration to keep in mind are the I/O ports. The MBPs have a FireWire 800 port (IEEE 1394b) and USB while the MacBook only has USB if that makes a difference for you.
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ok thank you all very much, you were very helpful
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