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View Poll Results: I regard a fun, relaxed atmosphere as...
productive 17 65.38%
unproductive 3 11.54%
no comment 6 23.08%
Voters: 26. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Do you have fun at work?

Is your day relaxing or stressed? Is having fun against decorum or encouraged?

The deeper, underlying issue is whether having fun at work is productive which is why I'm doing a survey as I regard a fun, relaxed atmosphere (within reasonable limits) as helpful to the economy in the long run (I know that studies have been done on this but I want to hear YOUR opinion - please note that this thread stems from a discussion I had with my dentist yesterday).
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Do I have fun at work?


Nuff said -.-
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Id say apple...because PC's are nice and all but you never feel the need to dry hump your PC....A mac book air on the other hand!?
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I think its fantastic and productive to have fun at work providing everything gets done orderly and in a timely professional manner!
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To answer the question sometimes fun is had at work. Regardless of whether fun is had the hours go by very quickly and before i know it it's time to close up for the night.
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I have tons of fun at work.

My afternoon job working with cattle on my farm is great. Next year it will be my only job.

Warning rant.
My current day job sucks. I think this is day 18 with out a day off and dose not look like I will be getting one till late next week. Some how the machine I run is on the other side of the plant from the rest of my department. About half the time I decide to make the hike to the “lead person” I over hear my coworkers in my business. The part that I like the best is part of this stuff is said around our “lead” and sometimes it gets said around our boss but nothing gets said.

How much time I took off for some outpatient surgery.
How I was playing the “Dr. note game” when I came back from surgery with a restriction of 48 hours a week.
A miss-installed bolt from a different shift fell out and snapped a die-plate when I was running and how they would of caught it.
One of the best comments I heard was, “Why dose he think he needs so much time off; a women can give birth and come back to work the next week and not have any restrictions.” I responded with “I still have over 48 hours vacation I can use this year.”
The comment today that almost sent me off the deep end toady was “Why did he go to get stitches. He only got a couple it could not of been that bad. I would have just kept working.” This was based on an issue of my hand ~vs~ hand tool that happened last week.

I'm currently waiting on HR to follow up with my complaint.
I did have fun today when I typed and printed out a draft of my resignation letter. I printed it to the other side of the plant and did not put a name on it or pick it up.

In 64 more days I get 160 hours of vacation. Sometimes I think it's worth staying there for 64 more days for that going away present and some days I think it would be better to just let the door hit me where the good lord split me as I walk out the door.

Thanks for the rant time...
Yes I did change a few tinny details around in case someone reads this I work with.
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I liked my job but retired. I new my job and comfortable with it.
thats the only way you will like it. Stay out of trouble, no one hurt and always parts available. I was a elect planner. job scope, buying parts, procedures and coordinating with management. great job.
I was a electrician
planning was great job.
Yes, i was a hourly.

something else. Yes, i tried the foreman job.
Move up when management was off on vacation or
what ever. started calling me at maybe 2:00 in the morning to assist.
lasted a week. no thanks. want to go back to rank.
i didn't want to marry it.

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I have enormous fun at work. Basically I just sit around all day and solve math problems, analyze word roots, and ponder on the relevancy of a 1960s government book.
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I have a blast at work! I sit around soldering power jacks to laptop motherboards and fixing computers.
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Well, I wouldn't say I have fun at work, but I very much so enjoy my job. There are times at work where I have fun, but it's not like hanging out with buddies. I honestly don't think a job can be fun if your unproductive. I mean it might be enjoyable at first, but I would just be bored. I'm an auto-mechanic technician and I love my job. My boss is like a mentor, the other employees are good people, and I enjoy the challenge of diagnosing and fixing cars.
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Do i have fun at work?

I play around with 40KV and 600amps all day, with the added bonus of 36,000lb forklift...... Ya i do have fun at work.

Although i would have more fun if i got to clamp up some of my coworkers to the 40kv and watch them squirm, but the average day works for me
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