Freebie Fest!

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  1. pcmagic

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    Freebie Fest!

    Cat/Dog food:
    (click on either dog or cat on the left hand side, then on the drop down menu click sample)

    More Free Cat/Dog food:

    Some Free Wedding Stationary
    (but you do have to send a stamped addressed envelope)

    Free Timotei Shampoo Sample
    (smells good too

    Free Lascoste Sample

    Free Poverty Wristband
    (show your support)

    Free Bird Spikes
    (Not a fan of these myself, but its still a freebie!)

    Computer cleaning kit
    (You have to register, but you then get sent your sample)

    Free Daz Sample
    (only a scent card though, but still smells good)

    Free plastic walletts
    (good for storing those sheets of paper, and you get to chose from a wide range of products!)

    Free computer Ink cartidges
    (havent done this one myself but it seems ok!)

    Free Baby on Board sign for your car

    Save a Flush - Free floating hippo for your toliet cisterns
    (saves you money! worth getting!)

    Capital FM car sticker
    (3 different ones to choose from!)

    Free King of Shaves Sample
    (it says sample at the top left.. theres an annoying survery! but its worth it)

    Free Fairy Dosing Ball
    (for either powder or liquid. i have this its great!)

    Free sample of Vaseline skin moisturiser!
    (really good ),00.html

    Free Pantene shampoo & conditioner sample
    (you'll get nice hair!)

    Free Johnsons baby sample
    (nice, but tight on the sample size)

    Free ear plugs

    Free savlon plasters
    (good freebie, arrived fast)

    Free Listerine 50p coupon
    (play the game, print the coupon - tip when the printer bit comes up, change the quantity!)

    Free Blistex Sample
    (small sample, but really good!)

    Aveeno moisturising lotion
    (good size sample)

    Freederm Skin Sample
    (arrives fast, apply more than once because they will send another one!)

    Biotherm sample
    (i never got it but it might arrive for you!)

    Mouth Ulcer Sample
    (but you have to send a S.A.E)

    Eucerin Skin care sample
    (pretty good sample)

    Free Pedigree Puppy Pack
    (dont have a dog, but i might apply)

    Whiskers kitten care pack
    (kitten pouches and coupons - excellent!)

    Free 'stop cat worms'
    (register, get a free poop canister and a free cat toy!)

    Free Vitalin Pet Food
    (my cat will love this!)

    New freebies added:

    Free Elvive Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
    (for men, but who cares! )

    Free Veet wax strips
    (you get about 3 strips and a wipe!)

    Orginal Source Sample
    (need to register, but good size sample, and choose which flavour you want!)

    Free Coupon for Elizabeth Arden Moisturising cream

    Free stress ball
    (worth a try i guess!)

    Free waste paper sack

    Free jelly belly jelly beans!
    (you have to catch the offer at the right time. it changes everyday!)

    Tena Lady!
    (if you have a weak bladder! )
  2. belfong

    belfong New Member

  3. Shane

    Shane Super Moderator Staff Member

    Know anyone giving away any free Mouse mats?:D

    Mine sucks as it has dents which when i go over them my mouse curser jumps:D
    Not good at all:D
  4. jljhlhl

    jljhlhl New Member

  5. Shane

    Shane Super Moderator Staff Member


    Ive already searched google for free mouse mats and yes theres quite a few giveaways but nothing realy free.

    You give them your address right so they can send it you....Only to find out you missed a part in the smallprint somewhere on the page that they keep sending you unwanted stuff through the post and pass around your address to similar orginisations so they too can send you junk:D

    I soppose there is some genuine good sites that people have used and recieved their product and not had anything bad after.

    Anyone used any of these freebie sites before?
  6. Nini

    Nini New Member

    that's why you get a larger trashcan so you can get rid of the stuff they keep sending.
    most stuff wont be really free(they'll want something in return, like advertisements sent to your house) there was one exception that has worked for me before, but i forgot what site it was
  7. Shane

    Shane Super Moderator Staff Member

    Yeah advertisements and leaflets,Exactly what i mean.

    Nothings realy free in this world is it:D
  8. dragon2309

    dragon2309 P.I Dragon

  9. Shane

    Shane Super Moderator Staff Member

  10. Nini

    Nini New Member

    not for long.. :p
  11. chrisalviola

    chrisalviola New Member

    some links dont work
  12. Rambo

    Rambo New Member

    Nice, thanks... I have applied for quite a few of those! :)
  13. 4W4K3

    4W4K3 VIP Member

    I guess air is free, until you think about living expenses. To simply go where you want to, stand on a public sidewalk, etc you have to pay taxes. At least here you do. a way I do pay for my air.
  14. ChickenWing

    ChickenWing New Member

    Cable Tv is free...atleast when you're me it is.
  15. computermaineack

    computermaineack New Member

    Actually, if you don't have money, it's surprising how many things are free....that box you live in on the side of the street, the gruel the soup kitchens give you, the torn-up clothes the good will truck chucks at you, etc.
  16. chrisalviola

    chrisalviola New Member

    the best things in life are free.
  17. Rambo

    Rambo New Member

    For everything else there's mastercard... :p
  18. Meng

    Meng New Member

    HAHAH, where do u get sooo many websites?
  19. Archangel

    Archangel VIP Member

    Are you Dutch by any chanse? :p
  20. SirKenin

    SirKenin banned

    Anything is free if you have a big enough gun.

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