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    I've just doubled the RAM in my desktop computer
    http://www.recycledgoods.com/item/22048.aspx (same machine)

    The max it can hold is 512 mb, so that's what I put in (2x 256mb stick). I stuck the sticks right beside each other in the left-hand two slots on the motherboard (the two closest to the back of the computer). Now when I turn my computer on, my monitor doesn't turn on. I've checked all of the plugs, and they're all plugged in correctly. I had to disconnect the hard drive to get to the RAM, but I plugged it back in just the way it was before I unplugged it. I made sure to clean out all the dust in my tower before installing the sticks too.

    I tried separating the RAM sticks (placing a gap between the two), but upon turning the computer on, I just got a beeping sound.

    I could really use some help here, I didn't have any trouble the last time I upgraded the RAM in this system (going from 128 mb to 256 mb using 64mb sticks).

    Help is appreciated.

    Edit: btw, this is the RAM I bought:

    It says in the listing that it's compatible with my system.

    I put my old RAM back in (the 4x 64mb) and the system booted just fine. This is confusing the heck out of me.

    Ok, nevermind. Problem solved. Turns out the place that said it could only hold 512 was wrong (placed the 2x256 and two of the 64mb in alternating order, and the system booted fine). It's reading 640mb now.
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