unexpected reboots on change of resolution

Discussion in 'Video Cards and Monitors' started by poupirz, Jun 4, 2011.

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    hi everybody, I'm very new here.
    I have a big problem with my Dell Inspiron 6400, almost 4 years old.
    form the begining:

    1- When i turn on the laptop, the screen is not coming up. I have to wait at least 10 minutes till it get warm enough, them with the first reset it will come up easily.
    2- if I leave it on sleep mode, so I don't need to wait that 10 minutes, it will wake up immediately, but as soon as i open a new window or with a first change on screen mode, monitor will get dark and system will die. so I have to restart it.
    3- I checked everything, reinstall windows (vist), reinstall drivers and ... but still strogeling with this matter.

    Please help me.
    Many thanks

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