XMNT2002 PROGRAM NOT FOUND- autocheck skipped

Discussion in 'Computer Memory and Hard Drives' started by johnnydav, Apr 29, 2007.

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    I have partition magic, and my computer has windows xp 64 bits and I tried to install partition magic in order to create another partition and install linux.
    I succesfully installed partition magic but when I tried to select the option that says ¨install another operating system¨ from partition magic, it prompted me to install boot magic,,, so I went and installed it.
    when I tried to install boot magic, it prompted me to first make a fat, fat32 partition in order to install boot magic. so i did

    here is when the problem began, because everytime that I reboot the computer, partition magic tries to perform the pending changes to my hard disk (to make the fat32 partition), but it always states that ¨XMNT2002 PROGRAM NOT FOUND- autocheck skipped¨
    and it makes that all the time.
    now I am not only not able to make a fat32 partition, but I have this message prompting me at every boot that I make.
    please help me
    thank you

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