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    Alternative to Dropbox

    Hi. I've been using Dropbox for the past few weeks. It is great but 2GB of storage is nowhere near enough. Before that, I was using Mediafire, but it was laggy, slow at updating and didn't have a desktop app. Basically, I'm looking for a free cloud storage, which you can change real time and...
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    Computer doesn't function

    Hi. Earlier today, I sent my computer to sleep. A few hours later, I noticed that my computer was on, but my mouse wasn't lighting up. I turned back on my monitor and tried to unlock. For some reason, my keyboard lit up, but nothing happened on screen. Also, caps lock and number lock didn't...
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    How to remove sd card?

    I meant the SD card for the Sony Xperia XA. Sorry!
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    How to remove sd card?

    Hi. I have a Sony Xperia XA and I've upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. I had a 16GB SD Card, which I would like to use for music, photos ect. But, I have no idea how to remove it from my Sony. I can't pull it out, and formatting and ejecting crashed my phone. I looked online and there was...
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    Can't connect to 5GHz + Super low download

    I have two problems I need to solve: 1. My internet doesn't connect to 5GHz networks. Our Wifi has 2 different connections: 5GHz and 2.4GHz. Occasionally, it does connect to the 5GHz. But, most of the time, I can only connect to the 2.4GHz. 2. Insanely low download speeds Even on the 5GHz...
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    Best free games for old PC

    Hi. I have an old pc with an Intel Core 2 Duo 1.83GHz, 3GB RAM and Intel GMA 950 graphics; and a laptop with Intel Atom Z3736F, 2GB RAM and Intel HD 400 I have a problem with Steam games on my PC (textures arn't loading) so I can't use it. I need free games that will run on either one of my systems.
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    Which AMD PC is better for gaming

    Hello I have found two PC's online. Which one is better for gaming and also upgradable PC 1: AMD A8 9600 8GB DDR4 RAM Built-In Radeon R7 PC 2: AMD A8 7600 8GB DDR3 RAM Built-In Radeon R7 PC 3: Intel Core 2 Quad 8GB DDR2 RAM GT 730
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    Which laptop is better?

    Hi. I have found 2 laptops on Amazon. Can you tell me which one is better for gaming? Laptop 1: AMD A8 6410 2GHz Quad-Core Radeon R5 APU 4GB DDR3L RAM 1TB Hard Drive Link...
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    Can my budget build game?

    Yeah, it is. But for my budget, it's either that or a GeForce GT 210 xD
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    Can my budget build game?

    Hi. Can this build play some free games on Steam and also Minecraft? CPU: Intel i5 2300 2.8/3.1GHz GPU: Palit GT 710 1GB DDR3 RAM: 2x2GB 1600MHZ DDR3 Hard Drive: WD 500GB 7500RPM
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    Will this PC game?

    Hi. Will this PC run games like minecraft? Intel i5 2300 4gb ddr3 dual channel ram Palit Gt 710 1gb Wp 500gb hdd 500w psu Thank you.