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  1. AlienMenace

    Does an M.2 SSD need the screw to work properly?

    I wouldn't think so, it's just to hold it in the place where it won't come out.
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    Identifying Computer Wiring

    Get a photo editor and resize it down some. I use Irfanview to do this.
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    Upgrade to my computer

    Yea, that is true! It depends on who made it. I have a Corsair 750w in mine. But if he bought a no-name brand and didn't really the amps and such, that would be a problem.
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    Upgrade to my computer

    You shouldn't have any problem with it.
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    Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB Black Edition Clearance (HELP)

    I would pay a little bit more and get a Megen 5 cooler, I have a 212 on my fx-8320 and if I put in another set of ram. I would have to move the fan up to clear the ram. But a...
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    WIndows 10 How to wake up another computer in the network?

    What version are you using of Windows 10? Is it "Home or Professional". The Professional and Enterprise editions are the only ones that have Remote Desktop enabled.
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    Tell me what I am looking at

    Then everything sounds fine and dandy then.
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    Tell me what I am looking at

    What is the temp of the machine when not video encoding? Like when you are doing normal things on your computer. Video encoding and sometimes photos or audio editing can raise the temps. Like now for my computer; I'm listening to an mp3's and typing this, and nothing else. My machine is reading...
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    Video to audio

    If you have Windows 10, go into your Microsoft store app and type "video to audio". I came up with 2 apps for this. I have an app called "Any Video to Audio". It works pretty well.
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    Fail to load?

    One thing about Xodo is, it has an editor in it for free. The whole program (App) is free. I also have Adobe Reader on my computer, I use that to print out r/c plane plans.
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    Windows Search Bar doesn't work.

    You know, funny thing. The darn thing started working again a week ago.
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    What was your first computer?

    My very first was a Radion Shack (Tandy) TRS-80 Model 4 Standard version. that a friend gave me.
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    Tell me what I am looking at

    You should have at least 1 in the front and you have the one out the back. It's not just the CPU that heats up in the case. And why take a chance of the CPU ever hit 85c. I always see it as being safe than sorry, when it comes to the CPU.
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    Want to get back a photo file I deleted?

    Like "Google Drive", most android phones are link to that.
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    Tell me what I am looking at

    This is a general idea of fan placement. When you put the power supply into the case, you had the fan side facing bottom, right? And I have this sitting on my AMD FX 8320 CPU, it is a "Cooler Master 212"...
  16. AlienMenace

    Did I get ripped off?

    It's probably never been partition and formatted, just a bare drive. And I know about being on a set income. I wish I can build a new one. I built this one to last 5 years, and now it is 6.5 yrs old. :)
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    HP8470p SD card reader problem

    You can buy a externalusb card reader, they're pretty reasonable in price. Something like this...
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    Did I get ripped off?

    Do you know anyone, friends or family members that know about computers. Maybe ask them. Just a thought.
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    Fail to load?

    Try using another pdf reader. Personally, I like Xodo:
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    Tell me what I am looking at

    I wouldn't wait on changing that CPU fan to the right plug, I change it as soon as possible.