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  1. tlarkin

    Can someone please explain Unix to me?

    UNIX is the grandfather of all Operating Systems. Developed in the late 60s by AT&T, MIT and GE. Linux is a kernel, which is very similar yet it's own entity compared to UNIX. The kernel is like the brains of an OS. It deals with all the transactions between software, data, abstraction...
  2. tlarkin

    Which of these two laptops...?

    If I recall Intel still trumps AMD in performance, I'd probably go with Intel. Unless that has recently changed.
  3. tlarkin

    After years of buying PCs I am a Mac owner

    I think you are generalizing it too much. Same components? No, same hardware architecture - yes. Otherwise, you are saying a cheap Acer laptop is on par with say a high end Asus or Lenovo that costs more money, when in fact they aren't. Certain components will always be the same, RAM is RAM...
  4. tlarkin

    Best for Computer Science?

    2 laptops with the same exact specs as a Mac for the same price as one Mac? Come on dude, at least make claims you can back up. You cannot really get a PC cheaper, spec to spec comparison than a Mac. Maybe a $100 or so difference. Remember spec for spec means the exact same parts. Macbook...
  5. tlarkin

    Best for Computer Science?

    CAD has ran native on Macs for a while now. OS X is based off of NeXT not BSD, but the kernel is a mach kernel (not a monolithic kernel) which is based on BSD's kernel. Unix is not Linux you are right, Linux is sort of Unix's hip younger brother that is a bit more modernized. Linux's...
  6. tlarkin

    8 vs 16 gigs of ram in 2012

    disk I/O is always going to be your biggest bottle neck and like I said it really depends on what you are doing. I have a friend that works for a legit video production company (they actually do some Hollywood stuff too) and he uses a Macbook Pro with 8gigs of RAM in it to do almost everything...
  7. tlarkin

    Mac Mini?

    Yeah I meant if it was 8 months old and still under the 1 year warranty that is a killer deal. Find out what model it is. Each Mac has a unique model number then look it up on Apple's website.
  8. tlarkin

    8 vs 16 gigs of ram in 2012

    sorry I did not read the whole thread, but historically on this forum it is gamers that want to max out their RAM thinking it will actually make a difference. As for audio/video work it just depends on how much you do. 16gigs of RAM may never been needed for your work load, but having it...
  9. tlarkin

    After years of buying PCs I am a Mac owner

    Macs can run Windows, therefore there is nothing, a PC can do that a Mac cannot. If there is a PC only version of an application you can try running it in a VM, use the WINE/CrossOver API, or boot to Windows via Boot Camp. So everyone who owns a Mac is stupid. Women all have invalid...
  10. tlarkin

    Mac Mini?

    $200 for an 8 month old Mac Mini? Yeah those things start at like 500 or 600. You will need to learn Objective C and Xcode and it is totally worth the $99 a year for the iOS developer program. Good luck
  11. tlarkin

    8 vs 16 gigs of ram in 2012

    Not sure if this has been said. 99% of apps out there are still 32bit apps, all video games are 32bit with a few rare exceptions. 32bit apps can only address a maximum of 4gigs of Memory. Unless you are multitasking (many apps at one, or running lots of virtual machines) or have insane I/O...
  12. tlarkin

    Linux Users: What do you look for in a distro?

    in no particular order: 1) install options 2) built in package managers 3) driver/kernel support 4) community support (forums, developers, etc) 5) product life cycle (how often does it get updated)
  13. tlarkin

    Skyrim Class

    I picked it up, about 30 hours in. Did the Mage college and Thief guild quests so now I am the Arch Mage and the Guild Leader. I play a destruction and summoner mage mostly, but do have some 1-hand weapons. My companions I usually build as a tank, lots of armor and 2hander or shield/sword...
  14. tlarkin

    Best MAC OS out there

    Apple always has precise road maps. They are going to start requiring all apps from the app store to be sandboxed. It has it's pros and cons, but I would say the concept is pretty solid over all. My opinion is never transition early. Wait until the .3 or .4 release of even the .5 for any...
  15. tlarkin

    iphone siri...seems it is good after all

    aTg00wIijNY I so wish this was real
  16. tlarkin

    Should my next computer have the Mac OS?

    QFT - OS X is built on specific hardware specs. There will be driver issues amongst stability and other issues as well. Updating the OS is not recommended. To be honest, a hackintosh is really just something that is cool to do once and that is about it. Unless Apple starts licensing and...
  17. tlarkin

    A mac app that reads texts?

    There is an app called blue phone elite which allows you to sync your iPhone (or any cell phone really) over blue tooth to a laptop. OS X supports voice over and could read you your incoming texts....not sure how well it would work or if Blue Phone Elite is still even being developed.
  18. tlarkin

    MythUbuntu Media PC

    Here is what sucks about Linux as a media center PC. 1 - no silverlight support - this is just stupid, but Android OS has a netflix app so I bet someone ports that over to other Linux platforms 2 - No support for services that require DRM Otherwise you don't need a ton of codecs, some...
  19. tlarkin

    MythUbuntu Media PC

    my HTPC runs Ubuntu and has ran Linux for the past....I dunno, 7+ years or so? I refuse to pay for an OS to stream media to my TV. Biggest gripe/complaint is video card drivers with full on HDMI support. I went with ATI as the Nvidia driver was straight rubbish for Linux. So far no...
  20. tlarkin

    Dead Island

    Well it turns out the game was exactly what I thought it would be, glad I didn't pick it up. Maybe when it is in the bargain bin for $5