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    Operating Systems.

    Around the last time I logged in...
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    net user command problem in xp

    Did you try quoting the username? e.g. "john smith".
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    i wish i may, i wish i might..

    In black baby...!
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    Westnet internet?

    Your speed depends on your distance from the exchange, and the quality of the copper, etc...
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    i wish i may, i wish i might..

    Your ex-girl surely? She ruined your computer and wasted beer! BTW... nice one Trizoy :D
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    night photographs opinions

    I like the second one...
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    What email client do you use?

    My favourite mail client is Mutt, but I'm using Opera these days.
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    Windows Blinds is Colorless, Please Help.

    Maybe it's Windows Colour Blinds... hehe.
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    Language packet of some sort?

    Have you tried Babelfish?
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    Building UNIX/Linux Operating System
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    Pocket pc help

    They don't have backup batteries because they don't need them...
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    Pocket pc help

    Newer PPC devices have non-volatile memory... I'm fairly sure this applies to all Windows Mobile 5 devices.
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    Safari or Firefox

    I installed Firefox on my iBook G4 soon after I bought it, but I've never used it. Safari does the job perfectly so I don't bother with Firefox.
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    How to switch from Gnome to KDE
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    linux server Q?

    Mandriva is a fine distro, try it and see. If you're not sure download one of the livecd distros (such as Knoppix) and run it from CD to get a feel for Linux.
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    Need free rar/zip utilities

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    ADSL vs. Broadband

    I'm with iiNet... I'm happy with them. Optus have just released new plans that you might want to take a look at too.
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    ADSL vs. Broadband

    Cable is faster than ADSL in Australia (for now), however if you're lucky enough to be on an exchange that iiNet, Internode, Adam, etc are rolling out their equipment to you can get up to 24mb/s download speeds. For more info on Australian broadband check out Whirlpool.