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  1. SuperDuperMe

    Help buying a Laptop - UK

    Hi all, Looking for the best laptop for gaming with a very tight budget. The max I can spend is £500. It will be used for gaming, watching movies and surfing the net. I don't need uber power just something for gaming on the go. I'm not daft I know that the budget is asking a lot but any...
  2. SuperDuperMe

    Annoying BF3/4 Issues

    What settings are you running it at? I find its more intensive that bf3 was.
  3. SuperDuperMe

    BF4 vs CoD Ghosts

    Neither...get titanfall. Thats my 2c anyway EDIT: Should probably say why lol :P BF4 is awesome but the bugs ruin it for me. Ghosts was a waste of however many gb it took to install (Tried it on steam free weekend). I literally played it for 2 minutes after downloadiong it for 6 hours and...
  4. SuperDuperMe

    WTB - Very cheap ipod shuffle (Square one)

    Hi all, I am after an old but working cheap ipod shuffle. Any capacity considered. Do not need headphone just the charging thing. Will need delivering to Manchester. Thanks. Mike.
  5. SuperDuperMe

    What are you currently playing?

    I think the weapons are lacking variety a little but everything else is fine for me. I only like hardpoint/domination/conquest so thats fine by me. I intend to buy the season pass as soon as i have t he money which is a first for me :P
  6. SuperDuperMe

    What are you currently playing?

    I payed £28 for titanfall and to be honest if i would have had to spend another £10-15 for it i would have. I have enjoyed every second of the 16 hours i have already put into the game. I have played it more than most of my other games and i have only had it since friday!
  7. SuperDuperMe

    Wtb gtx 570

    Hi pal, i havent got one but have you had a look at prices on CEX? They generally sell gpu's at about what they go for on ebay or a bit less.
  8. SuperDuperMe

    What are you currently playing?

    Southpark Stick of Truth. Its like being a giggling 14 year old again :P The sense of humour still gets me :) If only my work colleagues knew what type of jokes i laugh at at home :P
  9. SuperDuperMe

    Pre-built <£500.00 Gaming PC

    where are you based? The one linked is a crappy machine with pretty lack luster components. Although a little older, for the price this is a good gamer, could put the 200 saved in to more ram or gpu...
  10. SuperDuperMe

    Pre-built <£500.00 Gaming PC

    Have you had a look at used on gumtree? I got a decent system a few years ago (It was decent when i got it :P) for cheap.
  11. SuperDuperMe

    Titanfall Beta Key - Xbox One - Giveaway

    Actually its the joy of having free choice. It's also looking out for people that are actually a proper part of this forum as opposed to people just looking for something. Calibretto has actually contributed to the people around here, you have not. Its as simple as that.
  12. SuperDuperMe

    Titanfall Beta Key - Xbox One - Giveaway

    Should have known that was going to happen. This is only going to be given to any one on here with more than 50 posts as i will not give it away to anyone that isnt part of this community.
  13. SuperDuperMe

    Titanfall Beta Key - Xbox One - Giveaway

    Hi all, I may have a spare titanfall key for xbox one if any one is interested. It may or may not work as it was sent to me by accident instead of the pc key. i dont know whether they have therefore cancelled this key or just left it but if someone wants it let me know and i will send it...
  14. SuperDuperMe

    USB Sound Card

    Hi all, Just wondering if there are any ridiculously cheap (But ok) usb sound cards? My aim is to run it through my Corsair K60 (When it arrives) and plug my fatility headset into it. Will i lose any sound quality from my onboard sound or will it sound the same regardless of which usb...
  15. SuperDuperMe

    WTB Mechanical Keyboard - UK

    no Longer needed, ordered myself a corsair k60 :)
  16. SuperDuperMe

    WTB Mechanical Keyboard - UK

    Title says it all really. budget is £50 max inc shipping to failsworth, manchester.
  17. SuperDuperMe

    Newly built PC only BSODs in games

    Have you checked your temps with a programme like hwmonitor when your pc is under load?
  18. SuperDuperMe

    Post A Pic Of Your Pc Here :)

    Beautiful case, its the one i originally wanted but didn't have the money or the space.