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    Can't Select Icons From One Corner of Desktop

    The top left quarter of my desktop has become un-selectable from direct clicking. I can only select the icons from this section if I drag a selection box from a different section of the screen. Also if I right click in this section and click properties it comes up as the properties of a youtube...
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    Sharing Folder over 4 computers

    I Have a folder that I want to share on a Vista desktop connected to the internet via cat5 and I want to share it with two Vista laptops and a XP laptop that are connected via wireless. How do I go about doing this?
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    Purchase Order Software

    Looking for a good program to organize Purchase Orders for a business. Looking for something that allows multiple users at a cheaper price(2-3ppl only) Any good suggestions?
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    Ah, ok I'll do that
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    Been having some troubles with this, did a clean install of Vista and it just came back again right away, so I assume its got itself onto my backup External HDD. Anyway I can get it off my external ComboFix Log ComboFix 09-02-21.01 - Jourdain 2009-02-22 21:25:53.1 - NTFSx86 Microsoft®...
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    HDD scanning

    Whats the best program to scan an external for problems. I just got one of mine working by taking it out of the casing and putting it back so i want to scan to see if it was HDD problem or case program.
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    Destroying my external hard drive?

    I used a dremel and later realised the oddly shaped screws would actually accept a small flathead. I then commenced to kick my self......
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    External HDD not working

    I just bought a 1tb external and it's not working properly. It is really loud and whenever I move something over, after a few files are transfered, it comes up error the destination you have specified does not exist.
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    TF2 Artifacting

    About once a day my TF2 game will just randomly start to artifact. It's on the laptop in my sig, anyone got any ideas as to why? I can't check my graphics temp but my core temps are 64 Celsius according to speedfan.
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    Recycle Bin

    Whichever vista designer had the bright idea to have a delete button, as well as an empty button, listed when you right click the recycle bin should be shot. You don't know how many times I've clicked delete instead of empty and then had to get it back on the desktop.
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    $1200 Build

    I've been out of the loop for a while and I don't know what the "in" components are now. Basically my friend is looking to spend a total of 1200 or less on the tower, moniter and OS. He only lightly games and is just using it for university. So nothing fancy just needs to last a while.
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    I Need A Program

    WOW totally forgot I made this thread, thanks for the help guys I'll try out all this. EDIT: What's all this in the log on my router? There's 40 pages of it just from that day? Jan 12 04:40:20 Xmas port scan attack from WAN (ip: detected. Jan 12 04:39:46 Xmas port scan...
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    I Need A Program

    Lately my internets been real slow on everyones computer. Now I have no password or anything on my wireless. I have also been hitting my 60gb per month cap way to easy. For example there were no computers on last night somehow I hit my cap. Before I put a password on I would like to know if...
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    Security Information

    Is there any way to turn off this for one site: It annoys the hell out of me when I have to click it for every email that I have to check...
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    Video Playback

    I have 63 processes and I defrag every week.
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    Video Playback

    All of my 720p video files are playing very choppy and sometimes they will even close down VLC player! They use to play fine.
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    Typing Problems

    Ok so I have Vista and Office 2007 and I cant get my question marks or exclamation points to come up. They type é and è instead, how do I change it back :confused:
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    Laptop Power

    It doesn't actually look that old, and it's not mine it's my cousins so I can't get a pic.
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    Laptop Power

    It's old, it's so old it's made by Texas Instruments. Battery doesn't hold a charge anymore.
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    Laptop Power

    Is there anyway to hook up a laptop without the power cord just for an hour or so? All we have to do is clear stuff off of it. Like wire a power cord to the wires that go to the power jack?