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  1. ellanky

    Battlefield 3 Thread

    u5eLbPQt_Pk&feature=feedlik For those who haven't seen it yet
  2. ellanky

    Battlefield 2

    I dont know why that made lol so bad
  3. ellanky

    Crysis 2 Thread

    Meh, game was alright. Story wise wasnt the greatest, though I'll admit towards the end it got intense, but I still think the first one was in a sense better. However the graphics were amazing, especially with the lighting, surprised it ran fine on hardcore settings
  4. ellanky

    dingo's wtb/fs thread

    lol I think most of know how to get one of those at a discount
  5. ellanky

    Battlefield 3 Thread

    Then again they're just showcasing the single player campaign
  6. ellanky

    Battlefield 3 Thread

    Even more excited now! :D
  7. ellanky

    Bad Company 2 Thread

    Well first off HEAT stands for high explosive anti tank. And the thing about that rocket in game is that its "guided tracked" so its like the TOW (stationary anti tank missile) which you can change direction after its been fired, hence you're guiding it. So unlike the RPG-7 or G2 (Carl Gustav)...
  8. ellanky

    Dual Channel?

    This is more of a 'just wondering' question but I remember reading that in order have dual channel you're supposed to have same RAM speed, size, timings, etc.. Thing is I just noticed yesterday that my laptop has 3GB of DDR2 RAM. CPU-Z says its memory is running in dual channel. So does...
  9. ellanky

    BC2 Sound issues.

    This started happening for no reason?
  10. ellanky

    Battlefield 3 Thread

    Its sad to see those old classes wont make a come back
  11. ellanky

    Bad Company 2 Thread

    Same here
  12. ellanky

    Battlefield 3 Thread

    I just hope they get rid of the customization of kits. The specializations are more annoying in particular. Everyone chooses magnum ammo, in my opinion, making things a bit unbalanced. Some are useful like the medic ones for longer range/faster hearling, but everyone just cares about the kills...
  13. ellanky

    AM2, AM2+, and AM3

    Wheres my CPU? Phenom II X3 715
  14. ellanky

    Favorite Weapon

    Bad Company 2: M249, M60, MG36, & MG3 for Medic class SCAR-L for Engineer
  15. ellanky

    Team Fortress 2 thread

    Valve is just trying to suck out whatever money they can out of that game. Its either trying to get people to buy guns, hats, or buy other games that will get you hats. Its ridiculous. On a side note, I still play it every now and then.
  16. ellanky

    Bad Company 2 Thread

    Yup people still play. I got mine for 7 or 8 dollars. Sale on steam. On a side note I did some benchmarking today. I get 42 average frames
  17. ellanky

    Gigabyte GA-MA790X-UD4P

    This is the exact mobo I need right now. :( Too bad its not working tho.
  18. ellanky

    Gigabyte GA-MA790X-UD4P

    So youre selling a mobo that doesnt even work?
  19. ellanky

    Bad Company 2 Thread

    I finally unlocked every weapon/gadget. I can now get back to my favorite class, medic.
  20. ellanky

    Sc ii

    It was Gamespots 2010 PC Game of the year