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    Custom Liquid Cooling

    I always used ek water blocks, black ice rads, noctua fans and Laing/d5 pumps I've been out of the game for a while now Ken
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    wanted working cheap processors/ram

    Can you pm me a price please? Cheers Ken Sorry but I would prefer to know it as working no use if its not! What processor is it? I might be able to test it Cheers Ken
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    wanted working cheap processors/ram

    well it all depends on what ram you have? prices in uk are more expensive usually so it could still work out at a decent price for me. cheers ken
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    wanted working cheap processors/ram

    No one? Dayum!!!!! I remember the days when I had 4 or 5 cpu's sitting around aswell as umpteen stuck if ram lol but then again I did have problems upgrading all the time! Oh how I miss my liquid cooled i7 ;( Ken
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    Free parts (Just pay shipping)

    Edit Sorry I just realised you edited first post Free bump Ken
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    Motherboards & CPUs

    Can we do a deal just for the 2 cpu's? Cheaper easyer postage to uk? Pm me if you like! Cheers Ken
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    wanted working cheap processors/ram

    hello people (its been a while) im just dropping in to start up a new thread with the intention of buying peoples unwanted cpu's and ram modules! basicly i have now built up a reputaion for fixing computers amongst friends and family and now i have noticed these friends friends brother wants...
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    Wtb: Agp dvi gpu

    Yeh man, uk all the way
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    Wtb: Agp dvi gpu

    i have a dell optiplex gx270 wich i want to turn into a media player for my sanyo z3 lcd projector. just basicly wanting to play the likes of iplayer etc through it off the internet my projector has a wealth of connections but i have already routed a 20 meter hdmi "white" cable round the...
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    can i track someone sending abusive messages

    isnt there a setting that you can have so you can not be seen by anyone apart from friends?
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    7970 CF issues

    i had nothing but problems when i went crossfire with my old 4890's when they first come out i got a 3rd with a view to doing tri-fire but the bugs i got off 2 cards i sold them all and bought 2 nvidia cards.. amd seem to drag there arses with solving these problems.
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    Cooling to OC my Radeon 5770

    intake on the front, intake on the side exhaust on the rear and top... fans on the side will help cool gpu and cpu considerably!! as the fans on the side will keep constant cool air forced to the gpu fans!! if the gpu fans suck air in and exhaust hot air out of the back themselves thats...
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    Post A Pic Of Your Pc Here :)

    nah, my prioritys have changed a little now :rolleyes:
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    My 2 cents

    i do hate how the ipod is only linked to itunes and in that sense i will not buy an ipod, would rather buy a creative zen or such... i dont like the feeling of not having a choice!!!
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    Post A Pic Of Your Pc Here :)

    there is a tripple in front and one in top, black ice i think they where with noctus fans
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    When should I buy another Radeon 6870?

    power suply specs are a must, you can damage componants if supply is substandard.. i stretched mine with 2x 4890's with a large overclock had to drop them back to stock just to run properly...
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    Post A Pic Of Your Pc Here :)

    some old photos of my baby, i do miss tinkering on with her but the love of gaming was over... sad day for me them dual d5's made a very attractive swirling motion in the resivour, nice to look at but i tink they might have been a little too pwerfull lol
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    My 2 cents

    my girlfriend has an ipod and an iphone - im going to buy her an ipad 2 16gb but there is no way in a million years is she getting an apple mac etc... kinda begrudge getting her the ipad but its the only way i can get my laptop back off her lol
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    My 2 cents

    ive always liked the look of macs but there spec to price ratio is horrible!! to me a mac is priced like alienware pc's. ive built many pcs and i find a little effort from user can result in years of pc use with no problems... i have nothing against apple and i think all there users are boring...
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    Upgrade further?

    well i have had a q6600 and have had it up to 3.6ghz and wasnt a go stepping, your cpu is dated but a little overclock might just help you out!! if not try looking at the i3 series for a cheap build