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  1. Shane

    What was your first computer?

    I believe mine was a Cyrix 6x86 CPU based system,cant actually remember what happened to that system,I just remember i didn't have internet back then so word & paint it was :D
  2. Shane

    Refurbished SSD's

    I think it depends on who your buying it from refurbished,I mean i bought a Gigabyte 775 board that was supposedly refurbished from an authorized repair specialist for Gigabyte and it worked (and still does) just fine,i also bought a refurbished Toshiba blue ray player,again from an authorized...
  3. Shane

    Post A Pic Of Your Pc Here :)

    Nice and clean looking,Love that blue colour on the ram. :)
  4. Shane

    Free to Play Games

    Oh i really do miss the days of truly "Free" games. Most Free 2 play games these days are so unbalanced (especially FPS) games because those who pay monthly subscriptions or buy GC/In game currency often get overpowered items which you just cant compete with if your a free player. Warrock was...
  5. Shane

    Post A Pic Of Your Pc Here :)

    Haha,Well the tower was only up on that unit for pictures its the only place i had a bit of light to take the pictures,Its now under my desk and sitting on a rug so no its not going anywhere :D I know its not a great idea to have it sitting on a rug sucking up dust but its fairly raised away...
  6. Shane

    Post A Pic Of Your Pc Here :)

    Decided to spray the black mesh to white on my case,Matches the fans and white accents inside the case now,I like it anyway. ;) Terrible photos i know,bad lighting,bad cameraman,Mobile phone camera. :( And yes,those are heavy duty castor wheels. :D
  7. Shane


    Dont really like the aesthetics of the console all that much,But of course thats not what really matters. Will be interesting to see it up close irl.
  8. Shane

    GTA V Online

    This is why i get frustrated with online PC gaming these days,Too many little kid cheaters...they dont even hide the fact either they're so blatant.
  9. Shane

    Post A Pic Of Your Pc Here :)

    Looking good Laquer :)
  10. Shane

    Those of you who loved RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 are going to love this!

    £50 to get into the Alpha,Lmao they must be having a laugh.
  11. Shane

    "Failed to open sound device"

    Creatives drivers are p.i.t.a to be honest even for older drivers that are confirmed to work for a particular OS they just simply are a headache with the cards not been detected etc. You could try and see if PAX Drivers sort this issue out. I recently upgraded my sound card to the Titanium...
  12. Shane

    New Battlefield will be revealed on May 6th

    I just hope they dont add BF5 to Origin Access. Ever since Origin Access came out,And sales for BF4 where you could get a key for under £5,The wall hack cheaters have become rampant and they dont even hide it. :/ I've reported a few cheaters and they all had their Ranks reset but not...
  13. Shane

    Windows 10?

    Windows 10 for me is great,Thats after ive tweaked it..cant do with it stock it doesn't feel right. What i do after a fresh install. Install Startisback - True windows 7 start menu. Edit - WaitToKillServiceTimeout from 12000 to 0 - Windows 10 at default takes too damn long to close...
  14. Shane

    Post A Pic Of Your Pc Here :)

    Im so glad i done it,It makes it so much easier now to pull out..i did at one point have my case on the Desk but it used a lot of space and i needed that space for a second on the floor it went. :D For my next computer build though,Definitely going to look at going small form...
  15. Shane

    New Battlefield will be revealed on May 6th

    I've been playing a ton of BF4 online recently,And really enjoyed Battlefield:Bad company 2 multiplayer so im stoked for BF5. Im curious to see which direction they're taking with BF5,I would love to see a World War 2 setting again,Battlefield 1944? If its going to be a Futuristic setting,With...
  16. Shane

    PS4K "Neo" Specs Revealed

    If its even possible,Do you guys think it would have been a better route to sell an "Add" on box or something that you can connect to the current PS4 to give it 4K abilities,Rather that doing a revision and those that have a 4K TV will have to fork out for the new console..sure they can sell...
  17. Shane

    Post A Pic Of Your Pc Here :)

    Yeah,the standard rubber feet only lifted the case a little from the floor,Now its a little higher but still fits underneath my desk no problems and actually gives the PSU more breathing space underneath. Seriously though my system is very heavy,much heavier than you think it would be going from...
  18. Shane

    Post A Pic Of Your Pc Here :)

    Put some castor wheels on my case,Makes moving it out from under my desk so much easier now for accessing the rear or generally just to dust it out as its VERY heavy! Sorry for the bad pics,Best amount of light i could get in the room and only have a Phone camera. :/
  19. Shane

    Who else has had Windows 10 forced upon them?

    Windows 10 is good,I wont lie..but i dont like how they basically force windows 10 on those who are not ready for it yet or simply dont want it without going through all sorts of hassle to stop it automatically downloading it...same with the privacy issue,You shouldn't have to spend 10-15 mins...
  20. Shane

    Steam Winter Sale 2015

    Same,That new Squad game looks really good but i just refuse to pay full price for a game thats still in Alpha,Sure it looks (from what ive seen on Youtube) very playable but nope,Until its finished i wont buy it. I hate how 90% of games these days dont have demos either,Remember the good old...