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  1. lovely?

    Wanted: PSU With 1 PCI-E x8 Cable

    Any wattage will likely do, I'm just running an e4500 and an ATI 2900 pro 512mb, so total draw should be under 250w Thanks Okedokey, that's actually the very same one i'll pick up if I can't find a cheaper second-hand unit.
  2. lovely?

    Wanted: PSU With 1 PCI-E x8 Cable

    That's pretty much it. I want a PSU, all it needs is the regular fixings plus one pci-e x8 connector. Or if anyone has any adapters from 4-pin molex to 8-pin pci-e, that'll do too, I imagine.
  3. lovely?

    To Apple or not?

    Lol a good way to make someone run for the hills is to make a blanket statement in bold about what they need, and don't forget the !!!!! Anyways, for the price you'll likely pay, and the learning curve of simply installing a program and finding/deleting everyday files, you'll terribly regret...
  4. lovely?

    Wanted: Used Radeon 6950 card

    I don't want to go against the flow, obviously you've been asking people about much better parts, and the 6950 I'm offering is a few generations old now. I will however keep my offer open. To a member of this forum, $75. If that's at all unfair, anyone should feel free to say so. Keep in mind...
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    9600 GSO Overclocking

    Start out with the program MSI afterburner, and begin with the core clock, bumping by 10-20mhz at a time and testing for stability in game. If you see a problem, or 'artifact', it's important to turn the clock back until the artifacts disappear. Rinse and repeat for the memory speed, testing...
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    Can't run Fallout 4 on ultra??

    Definitely plenty of 6950 2gb's out there, and if you can find the modified bios (not all of them had a switch) then you can turn your card into a 6970, with little work.
  7. lovely?

    Wanted: Used Radeon 6950 card

    And once you do, you can purchase my 6950... It's an MSI TwinFrozr II 6950 2gb, flashed to the 6970, with an aftermarket dual fan cooler. It will CF, and it'll even overclock a bit, flashed and all. She's sitting in a closet waiting for your PM ;)
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    CPU upgrade questions

    If you feel like it, your processor should be able to be switched out with a core 2 duo. Most mobile core 2 duo's are relatively cheap (a few dollars on ebay)
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    i7 4710HQ is 86 C too hot?

    Before replacing the thermal paste on my Laptop, it'd regularly hit 87c in the most demanding games. This was helped along of course by the gpu, which has its heatpipes run straight across the cpu. If replacing the thermal paste is a possibility for you, you might find that you don't need the...
  10. lovely?

    Selecting New Video Card....Help

    the 750 ti has the MOST power to watt of pretty much any card. that means that no matter what PC it's placed into, it likely does NOT necessitate a change in power supplies as well. After reading your rig, the power supply cannot handle much more than the 750. The 750 ti is also a pretty...
  11. lovely?

    is the PSU going to fail or I smell wrong??

    It would happen in the power supply if a stranded core of copper had come into contact with another and caused a short circuit. it would heat the stray copper until it was white-hot, and then burn it as well as any shielding nearby. That would account for the burning smell. The danger is the...
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    Overheating concern after installing gtx 970

    I manage to have bf3, bf4, shadow of mordor, assetto corsa, borderlands the prequel, EVE, and several other large games and windows all on the 256gb ssd in my laptop. believe me, with proper storage techniques like putting pictures, downloads, and large non-gaming programs on the secondary data...
  13. lovely?

    Got 680 2Gb or 4gb

    My only point is that a 4gb card will have a much higher minimum fps because of the lack of stutters and slightly higher avg fps. The videos I've watched in contrast to the ones you've watched show more than 2gb used at 1080p. The gpu-z screen was meant to show that if on medium, 2gb are used...
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    Got 680 2Gb or 4gb

    you want proof, that Shadow of Mordor takes more than 2gb, here it is. This is a screenshot with SoM on medium. Note it's running right about at 2gb vram. On an OT note, the 765m is a BEAST! it comes at 800mhz core and 4ghz ddr5, and readily overclocked to 1120mhz and 5.1ghz on the ram. I...
  15. lovely?

    Overheating concern after installing gtx 970

    If we were speaking RAID 0, two 7200rpm WD 'black' drives will roughly double their read speed, which hovers between 100-125MBps. So, with two medium performance hard drives, you can expect no more than 250MBps. A modern SSD running the new SATA-III connection can read at over 500MBps.
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    GPU gets very hot

    What are the maximum temps your graphics card reaches? If it's not getting hot, the fan need not speed up.
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    Got 680 2Gb or 4gb

    I can max out my 765m's 2gb vram on shadow of mordor with ~40fps avg. If a GTX 680 4gb doesn't run the game BETTER than a 2gb version, I'll eat my frikken shoe. I know for a fact the 2gb version on ultra will struggle to get 50fps, and constantly stutter with a 4690 @ 4.4ghz
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    Got 680 2Gb or 4gb

    The 680 is capable of running games like Shadow of Mordor on high textures. At 1080p, that game takes around 3gb vram.
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    Graphics card upgrade problem.

    The PC is acting as if the PSU or RAM is bad, and my guess is the PSU. I would assume the card was bad, but if the exact same problem happened with another video card, it points elsewhere. Question, was the other video card that didn't work also more power hungry than the card that normally runs...
  20. lovely?

    New Zotac GTX 750 Ti DOA

    unfortunately nope, my only other card is the flashed 6950 which I can neither power, nor take from its current setup. I suppose I'm relegated to RMA'ing this card and waiting for the replacement. Likely to purchase a motherboard later on haha.