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  1. Thanatos

    Post A Pic Of Your Pc Here :)

    legends never die
  2. Thanatos

    Post A Pic Of Your Pc Here :)

    looks tight
  3. Thanatos

    Post A Pic Of Your Pc Here :)

    lol check my sig
  4. Thanatos

    1 line signature limit ?

    Just don't make me get rid of my amazing quote
  5. Thanatos

    Adware, junk extensions keep coming back

    Hey guys, I've been trying to get another computer in the house clean, and to no avail... some adware extensions in chrome keep on coming back and keep on reinstalling themselves. Every time it comes back, I uncheck the extension and click remove, I've run adware cleaner multiple times, I've run...
  6. Thanatos

    Cloud Paranoia

    I have the Cloud to Butt extension on Chrome, so it's been interesting seeing "Butt Paranoia" every time I log on.
  7. Thanatos

    What phone to get?

    Whoa, whoa... this is computer forum's OT section, remember?
  8. Thanatos

    What phone to get?

    I think that if this is a financial mistake, it's better he make it now rather than when he lives on his own.
  9. Thanatos

    Should I buy it?
  10. Thanatos

    Post A Pic Of Your Pc Here :)

    I don't think they've updated that site since 2005 either.
  11. Thanatos

    Steam Summer Sales

    Gotta assume they've got a failsafe for negative values for prices.
  12. Thanatos

    Steam Summer Sales

    Dragon Age Origins is down 125% right now.... they'll pay you $7.51 to download it!!!! Hahaha....
  13. Thanatos

    CF Gaming Nights

    Steam ID: green_dog252 Time Zone: CST I can play usually any time after 5 pm until 10 pm Games: GMod, BLOPS2, BF:BC2, BF3, Killing Floor, CS:S, L4D2, ARMA2, Just Cause 2 w/ multi mod, GTA4, Loadout, and TF2
  14. Thanatos

    Post A Pic Of Your Pc Here :) Not my PC, but awesome nonetheless
  15. Thanatos

    Post Your Desktop "Background screenshot"

    Yeah, it's genius. Maybe a slight inconvenience for a user, but it must be amazing for the IT guys.
  16. Thanatos

    Post Your Desktop "Background screenshot"

    Ours have some sort of Deep Freeze software installed on them, so whatever change you make to the computer, it'll go back to a normal, untouched seemingly "fresh" install after you reboot. It's awesome.
  17. Thanatos

    Circuitry question

    Read my post. Unless it has pins that go through to the bottom of the board, you won't be able to de-solder and re-solder a new part. What brand MP3 player is it?
  18. Thanatos

    Circuitry question

    Even if you could find a replacement part, you couldn't just solder the new part on there. It's a surface mount device, SMD, not through-hole like larger parts may be. Damn near impossible to solder without experience.
  19. Thanatos

    Da flip minecraft?

    You need to allocate more RAM to Java. The exact same thing was happening to me a while back. I can't tell you exactly how to do it right now, but I'm sure that's what needs to be done. It's a common thing.
  20. Thanatos

    Post Tech You Admire (design wise)

    Crazy to think that that HUGE calculator can now fit in our pocket. And then you remember that that thing in your pocket can also talk to anyone in the world, communicate with satellites IN SPACE, download huge amounts of data in the blink of an eye... It just blows my mind. The calculator is...