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    Windows xp too old??

    The dell disk is your problem, you need to get a new legit version of windows, not a dell disk, if you read it it anyways, your only allowed to use it on a dell pc and only one.
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    Windows xp too old??

    As long as your CD is a legit version which activated fine then you dont, and as long as everything is working fine you dont really NEED drivers, but are you installing off CD or off there website?
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    New technology

    I dont see anything that looks like new technology to me....It looks like a touch screen with programming.....Anyways no way to see its real and the guy just didnlt memorixe wher to put his fingers :rolleyes:
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    MYSpace Question.

    Use nothing, dont use gayspace at all :P Works the best :P just my 2 cents.
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    New Computer with New Problems.

    1.SP2 will make windows run smoother and faster, and you can turn off the extra processes.
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    Bee out there for a while, several years actully, I liked what they said about child labor and AMD's though. I bet they use whips and have children put each part of the cpu togther by hand lmao. Basicly what the signs he gives you are of, your child being a gamer, trying to be a programer, and...
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    i've seen some computers with those sheep things....

    Yes, bonzai is spyware.
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    Halo addicited

    Do you have the connection for that? your going to want a T1, or greater, on servers download speeds mean nothing and its all upload.
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    PCI parallel card?

    I;m not sure if there is a parrelel to usb, but there is a parralel to serail, which can then be put to usb.
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    cant install MOHAA

    is there enough space on your C drive?
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    Play DoD:Source for free!

    you dont need much to play dod on low settings, you can play it on a MX440, i used to play it with one.
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    computer to 2 moniters

    Are you saying that it normal for your PC to be load because of windows XP? It has nothing to do with your operating syse, :rolleyes: What video card do you have? There are several different ways to use more then one moniter depending on your video card. For the noise factore you owuld...
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    somewhere to test the speed of my connection?

    For your USB question, Ethernet is uslly more stable and i would recoomend it, but it doesn't matter, as a 100mbps card will be fine seeing as your internet is slower, what slows things down is the page rengering time.
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    somewhere to test the speed of my connection?

    You wont really be able too tell the difference between 1 and 4 unless your downloading on a high speed server or sometimes playing games.
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    saw this and laughed forevers!

    The CS one was even dumber.
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    Have U Ever Defenestrated Your Pc?

    Breaking a moniter can be extreamly dangous..... They will implode as soon as the screen is cracked.
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    whats happening on myspace

    Want to go out sometime? :P
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    saw this and laughed forevers!

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    1 XP Provessional disc doesn't work on 3 computers!

    1.Do NOT ask this here, it is against the rules. 2.If you have 20 computers, you instead of just buying more copy's would just get a small buisness edition which will include lisences for more then 1 PC. Plus most people wont have that many at home, if you have that many it owuld most likly be...
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    can u believe this?

    Considered court fees would cost more then the ram, and the company would im sure just give it back and stop the lawsuit. If you brought it to courth the jugde would laugh at you.