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  1. tweaker

    Crysis - overhyped disappointment?

    While most games tend to be overhyped, to a certain extent, I still believe that Crysis will deliver. From what I have read the gameplay will be great, after all that is whats important. A fresh approach to the FPS genre, if you will. :)...
  2. tweaker

    Intel Core 4 Processor

    Are you sure, what about the P4C (200MHz FSB) vs the Barton (200MHz FSB)? :)
  3. tweaker

    C2D Air Coolers

    Oh I see, I thought the XP-120 coupled with a high CFM fan was the best of the best. Guess I have some reading up to do. And yes if you do find the link then please post it.
  4. tweaker

    C2D Air Coolers

    I'm lead to believe that the Thermalright XP-120 with the S775 adapter, coupled with a high CFM 120mm fan is THE best performing air solution for these chips. Am I mistaken? The ADDA AD1212DX-A73GL puts out 38.9CFM @ 16dBA and is bundled with this cooler from my store. Is 38.9CFM so low so that...
  5. tweaker

    Dark Messiah issue..

    @ Arch With your system I'd set the heap to ~786432 at the most, preferably a little lower though. Oh and yes definitely get rid of that stupid menu. Heh tell me about it, IIRC HL2 had a default -heap of 64000!
  6. tweaker


    Post the complete information found on the PSU side sticker. That X850 sure drain some power. Edit: Never mind.
  7. tweaker

    SH4 First Look by Subsim

    Aha, then you're set. :)
  8. tweaker

    IE7 is slow!! Solutions needed

    1. 2.
  9. tweaker

    Ebay E6300 for $158 shipped brand new...just sharing...

    Who in their right mind would buy that ebay chip when you can get one from newegg for only a few dollars more? Not me..
  10. tweaker

    IE7 is slow!! Solutions needed

    lol then you must be running it on hardware from the early 90s. :)
  11. tweaker

    SH4 First Look by Subsim

    Cool, I hope you got the hardware for it though. :)
  12. tweaker

    i wish i could move to japan

    Nice, although I must say we're doing quite fine here in Europe, speed-wise. :D
  13. tweaker

    Nvidia or ATI

    To be honest, nVidias newest products can't really be called "Vista Ready" due to the poor drivers. I for one don't like the drivers although they do work fairly good here. The fact of the matter is you can't buy their products and be guaranteed to be able to use it flawlessly with Vista. The...
  14. tweaker

    Which driver to I dl for nvidia geforce 5200?

    It isn't needed and if you find your not using it then you should disable it.
  15. tweaker

    Vista Users

    I'm running Vista Ultimate x64 and it runs flawlessly on my 2GB RAM, been gaming quite alot.
  16. tweaker

    Can you OC a XFX 7900GS Extreme?

    Of course you can oc it, just don't expect it to go too far. As for the limit it vary greatly from card to card.
  17. tweaker

    256 vs 512mb?

    That solely depends on what GPU we're talking about.
  18. tweaker

    Official Screenshot Thread

    Cool but why so low res with that system, or have you resized the screens?
  19. tweaker

    Vista has speech recognition hole

    LOL :D *unplugs headset*
  20. tweaker

    8800Gtx VS 2x7950GT Sli

    A single 8800GTX would be the best route. They are absolute monsters.