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  1. wellhellothere

    Battlefield 3 Thread

    I'd would like to think so. Even still, that's a lot of work my cpu's doing
  2. wellhellothere

    Battlefield 3 Thread

    Commo rose won't be in the Beta, apparently it will be in the full game. I agree about Rush - its crap, but i can tell that the core of this game is brilliant, and given the right environments, there will be hours and hours of fun to be had. On another note, i need a new CPU! I reckon the 460...
  3. wellhellothere

    Windows 8 Dev Build Available for Download.

    Windows 8 will support smartphone / tablet architecture
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    Windows 8 Dev Build Available for Download.

    On a posotive note, the Task Manager is a lot better. The other 'improvements' you've quoted aren't anything to get excited about imo. I've still not worked out how to close running apps in Metro, and it took me a good 10 mins to find the shutdown button :)
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    Crashing after 10 mins without fail for me... need to patch this asap
  6. wellhellothere

    Dead Island Question

    Great game. Very involving, great atmosphere etc. Imagine you're a character in 28 days later but on a Pacific island - that's this. Best single player game i've played in a while. Ps: I do get random freezes - black screen for a second, then Ok again. Strange.
  7. wellhellothere

    Windows 8 Dev Build Available for Download.

    While i agree with you - I also think its impossible to create an OS that is great to use on a Desktop, and great to use on a Smart-Phone. The requirements of both are so far apart it just can't work
  8. wellhellothere

    Windows 8 Dev Build Available for Download.

    I was suggesting more that it will be a stop-gap between 7, and the next serious Windows desktop OS. I'd like to think so anyway!
  9. wellhellothere

    Windows 8 Dev Build Available for Download.

    I have a feeling 8 might be another Vista :/
  10. wellhellothere

    Windows 8 Dev Build Available for Download.

    Basically this. Been on it all morning. Its a Tablet GUI, that you can slide out the way and return to, what is basically Windows 7 with some minor changes (on the surface anyway). Its a big dissapointment to me, and is quite clearly built from the ground up for tablets and smartphones...
  11. wellhellothere

    How to change password for server.

    Start > Administrative Tools > Active Directory Users and Computers > Search for said user, and right click on that user > Reset Password. This is ofcourse, assuming that you simply want to change a users password.
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    Dead Island

    Well, as usual i seem to be in a minority when i say that i absolutely love this game. Getting so much fun out of it at the moment. Its HUGE and has a massive variety of environments. All the good aspects of L4D and Borderlands combined into one - with a better atmosphere than either game. 9/10...
  13. wellhellothere

    Dead Island

    Bump!! This is getting mixed reviews... i'll still be bagging it tommorow, as, although it looks like it has flaws, i think i'll enjoy it. Those who already have it, thoughts?
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    Razor Mouse + new keyboard

    Got the deathadder... don't think i'll ever use another mouse after this one. Can't vouch for it standing the test of time, but every other aspect its perfect
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    windows 8

    I'd much rather pay for it, any software for that matter - its much more satisfying owning the full legitimate package, and money really isn't that important to me that i will steal stuff to save on cash.
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    Connection drops out when stressed

    The router isn't necessarily beyond repair. Try rebooting it (hold the reset button for atleast 30 seconds), if its outside of warranty, try updating the firmware.
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    gears of war, pc issues?

    Yeah this is exactly what happened to me. The frame-rate was fine, but the game was chopping like crazy. Sorry, i can't for the life of me remember what i did to get around it, but i know i didn't have to change any hardware
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    Dual monitors on a laptop

    Two monitors and the laptop screen
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    i cant take it anymore. windows 7 cant connect to internet

    Couple of things to check. When you are 'connected' to the network, try a ping test Press the Windows Key + R, in the Run box type cmd Press Enter In the black DOS box, type: ping You may get 4 responses back, you may not. If you do, it means that your computer can 'get out' to...
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    create a Batch file

    I suspect the best way to do this would be to save the data and copy it using Xcopy (for example) to your Network. I wouldn't know how to do this off the top of my head, but try googling 'batch file to copy data'