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  1. jancz3rt

    Backup software - synchronization

    Hi guys, I was not sure where to post this, but I want to ask about a recommendation for a free backup software that synchronizes chosen folders onto the HDD automatically upon connection - or at request. I would be grateful for any suggestions. JAN :D
  2. jancz3rt

    Photo Tourney- Your Best Photo

    jancz3rt Here's my favorite, I love Macro shots: The source before sharpening/contrast adjustment - JAN :D
  3. jancz3rt

    Post A Pic Of Your Pc Here :)

    Wow, I love this. One thing however, is that this is not a "Post my gun" forum :P That said, great set-up. JAN :D
  4. jancz3rt

    Photo Tourney- Color on Color

    Spider Changed my entry. From the Prague zoo :P The original is here: JAN :D
  5. jancz3rt

    Whats better? Leaving the computer on or off?

    Hmm My suggestion is to turn it off when you sleep. There is no need to have it run (other than Folding of course :P). As well as that, most standard HDDs are designed to run for 8-10 hours a day, but only a few are specifically designed to run 24hours/day - nonstop. This is yet another...
  6. jancz3rt

    Photo Tournament -- End of the road

    My go Ok here's my go at this. Yes, once more, taken only with a 2Mpx camera.. and yes, it has some chromatic abberation :) JAN :D
  7. jancz3rt

    Is it bad to sleep next to a wireless router?

    Hmm I think this is an area that nobody will be able to answer with certainty. Much like the discussion around mobile phones and the cancer risks associated with it, it has not yet been proven that there is a direct link with cancer and radiation emitted from the mobiles. In terms of your...
  8. jancz3rt

    will a 1kw PSU be damaged if used in P3 system?

    The simple answer is no. The PSU supplies a maximum of 1000Watts in your case. If the system only needs 200Watts, it will only take that, no more. As a result, it will not damage anything. The PSU itself will remain just fine. In fact, it will not be under much stress theoretically meaning it...
  9. jancz3rt

    Strange pixel problem - GPU or cable or...

    I tried most that I thought could have a connection. One thing that moved that annoying section was the "Dock my ICQ" option - when I chose "Left". Here's the result.. now it will not go back to the top-left corner... JAN :D
  10. jancz3rt

    Strange pixel problem - GPU or cable or...

    Yeh, the 2024 is the latest build of version 6.5. I guess I will have to wait for a new build to come out to see if they fix it. It was not there with the older versions, so it has to be a feature that was added recently. I also tried looking for something about it online, but could not find...
  11. jancz3rt

    Strange pixel problem - GPU or cable or...

    Got it! Guys, found the culprit. Whenever I close ICQ, this goes away. Do any of you know what could be causing this within ICQ so that I could disable it? I am using version 6.5, build 2024. JAN :D
  12. jancz3rt

    Strange pixel problem - GPU or cable or...

    Thanks, I have tried that but to no avail :( It's just a little annoying to see that there because I know it's there. Nobody else would probably notice it. It only shows up when on the desktop. JAN :D
  13. jancz3rt

    what video card is this?

    Hmmm To me, it looks very simmilar to a Geforce 3: Definitely an old card and probably not worth buying to upgrade. There are much better AGP cards to be had for very cheap. JAN :D
  14. jancz3rt

    Strange pixel problem - GPU or cable or...

    Hi guys, on the TOP LEFT CORNER of my LCD monitor, some 6 months ago, I have noticed something that looked like a row of dead pixels, 1 pixel wide and about 6 pixels high. I thought it was my 8 year old 15" LCD but when I upgraded to a new 23" LG LCD, the same occured. It made me think...
  15. jancz3rt

    Mid-Range AMD Phenom II PC - Opinions

    Thanks you guys. All advice much appreciated. I have decided to purchase the above recommended mobo as it has USB 3.0 and SATA 6.0, which should help in terms of compatibility for the near future. I will go for the Seagate HDD as well. I think I can safely say now that the above discussed rig...
  16. jancz3rt

    Mid-Range AMD Phenom II PC - Opinions

    Heya, thanks for the info. First things first, I will look for an alternative PSU and the Phenom II X3 - I read numerous reviews about the Phenom II X2 and from one source, some 89% of the pieces they had unlocked fine to 4 cores - these were the 550s, Black Editions. The RAM I have included...
  17. jancz3rt

    Mid-Range AMD Phenom II PC - Opinions

    Yes, thanks for the input. I see that the one you have suggested came up better. Is there anything else any of you think sticks out as either not being good enough or too good in light of the rest? JAN :D
  18. jancz3rt

    Mid-Range AMD Phenom II PC - Opinions

    Hdd Here's the HDD as I have listed above: Does the 32MB cache really make a difference over 16MB. I do think that the difference should be there given how important a cache is for an HDD. JAN :D
  19. jancz3rt

    Mid-Range AMD Phenom II PC - Opinions

    Hmm The closest one to the one I am deciding on is this: The one in particular is this (in Czech): JAN :D
  20. jancz3rt

    Mid-Range AMD Phenom II PC - Opinions

    Mid-Range AMD Phenom II X2 PC - Opinions Hi guys, I am putting a mid-range PC together for my friend on a budget. It should be able to handle new games. My main question is do you believe it is balanced in terms of performance? Here it goes: Processor: AMD Phenom X2 550 Black Edition...