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  1. epidemik

    PS4 or Xbox One?

    Based on everything leading up to the launch, I was pretty set on the PS4. Now that they're out, the reviews of both consoles have been very underwhelming. That led me to realize that I still have a huge PS3 backlog and my PS3 will keep me entertained for at least another year, maybe two. I'll...
  2. epidemik

    Xbox 360, adding SSD

    How set are you on replacing it with an SSD? There are guides online to replace the HD but I don't think I've seen any that are geared toward an SSD. Also, a lot of those guides say that it can be a slightly risky process as Microsoft really wants you to fork over the money for the drives they...
  3. epidemik


    A long time ago, a few friends and I got really into Trackmania Nations. From there I got United. I loved those games but haven't played any of the Trackmania 2 games. I might have to check them out this summer.
  4. epidemik

    Who else bought AoE II HD?

    It's a pre-purchase promotion: TBH, that doesn't make any sense to me. Doesn't that mean the game is essentially released on April 5th? Regardless, I'm really interested in this. How are you liking it? I loved AOEII and I have a group of friends who...
  5. epidemik

    Prices - Consoles vs Gaming PC's?

    The main thing consoles do better (the only reason I have a console) is local multiplayer. It's much easier and efficient to have a friend over and just pick up the second controller and play Halo or NBA 2k than it is for them to lug over their PC and setup a small lan party. Also, in my...
  6. epidemik

    Videography & Video Editing

    I was really into it early in high school but haven't done much video work since I've been in college. I've been trying to get back into it for a while but it's hard with the lack of time and money these days. I'm thinking about picking up a new DSLR camera this winter though (t3i or t4i or...
  7. epidemik

    PS3 or XBox 360

    A big part of it that I overlooked when I chose my system was what my friends had. Most of the guys on my floor at college has 360s so they're playing together and I'm left out in the cold on the PS3. That said, I still think I made the right choice going with PS3 because I use it primarily...
  8. epidemik

    CS:S on Vista

    Is it network lag or running at a low fps. To check fps, "net_graph 1" into the console. You need to be getting above 30ish FPS for the video to appear smooth. Ideally, you'll want a lot higher than that as it will naturally drop at times such as firefights or when there is a lot of...
  9. epidemik


    Yeah, we generally don't allow the discussion of emulators and roms because even if you do own the originals and make the argument that in your case its some how legal (which is debatable), the information would still be available to those who are clearly not a position to use the emulator "legally"
  10. epidemik

    Team Fortress 2 thread

    It was one of my favorite games. I kind of lost interest once valve started focusing on hats and addons and not focusing on gameplay. It was such a good game for many years. Its just a little overwhelming with irrelevant content now.
  11. epidemik

    what games to get?

    Half life 2 is a great game (many people claim its one of the best for PC). It's relatively old so it doesn't take much to run. Your system should be fine. It's half off right now too
  12. epidemik

    Skyrim on Bootcamp

    In terms of resizing the partition, you could look into these: I don't have any experience and I'd personally say just back up everything and delete then reinstall the windows side (just start completely fresh). In terms of...
  13. epidemik

    Console Decision

    I'd say for you the choice is pretty clear. Forza is a 360 exclusive. You already have blu-ray. There's really no benefit for you to get the ps3 other than free online which it doesn't sound like is a very high priority for you. For the record, the new PS3 models do not have PS2 backwards...
  14. epidemik

    japan's nuclear disaster

    Yes. There are plenty of fictional plots based on nuclear disasters. To make one modeled after the recent disaster in Japan would be in extremely bad taste. Thousands lost their lives and many many more lost their homes and have essentially had to start their life over. Estimates of the cost of...
  15. epidemik

    FREE Portal 2 DLC

    The DLC is free and available on every system.
  16. epidemik

    Post your Xbox Live Gamertag!

    There are a few in this thread:
  17. epidemik

    anyone want a free dirt 3 code from steam?

    Yeah, they asked me to upload a picture of "my" coupon. I guess thats their way of saying someone got to it first...?
  18. epidemik

    anyone want a free dirt 3 code from steam?

    Did someone register it?
  19. epidemik

    Steam/Xfire Usernames and Groups

    I'll try to go through and update the original post later this week (sorry I've been putting it off). School is kinda rough tonight/tomorrow but it'll go on the to do list ;) Also, try to keep BF discussion in that/other friends. It'd be nice to minimize discussion in this thread so that its...
  20. epidemik

    anyone want a free dirt 3 code from steam?

    Hit me up if you find it/I'll be watching this thread! :D