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    Computer wont turn on even after upgrading the power supply.

    I'm afraid that Omnidyne does not like me. I can assure you the feeling is absolutely mutual. Most of the time he has no idea what he is talking about. The mods on this forum tolerate these people. Even though I have been polite in my response no doubt the mods will jump on me. I don't really...
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    Computer wont turn on even after upgrading the power supply.

    That is a classic symptom of the RAM not being seated properly. You could try cleaning the contacts, very very carefully, with a pencil eraser. By just connectiing the motherboard on it's own without anything else connected, such as hard drive, cd player, graphics card etc etc, if it boots to...
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    Computer wont turn on even after upgrading the power supply.

    Take the RAM out and ensure that it is seated properly. Failing that put it back together with just the motherboard connected. If that boots to the POST then work your way through the peripherals one by one.
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    windows 10 version 1903 information

    I have just upgraded two of my computers to version 1903 and both of them have been giving me randon internet dropouts. My Toshiba laptop touchpad has a mind of it's own with that version of Windows on. As I cannot revert to the previous version I have put Windows 7 back on both those laptops...
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    Firefox and Adblock Plus issue

    You need to go to Tools and add ons. You will need to have the menus enabled in Firefox. To do that right click on the blue bar at the top of Firefoxe and click Menu Bar. In the Add Ons page you should see Adblock Plus listed and options to disable it or delete it. I am using Adblock Plus on...
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    Galaxy pro tab s bricked

    Okay I assumed that your Tab wasn't working at all and you were using an alternative to post on here. In that case it looks like you will have to find an alternative to download that software. I cannot think of any other ways other than resetting the Tab which you say you cannot now do.
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    Galaxy pro tab s bricked

    I don't know whether you can do this with a Galaxy Tab ( I don't see why not though.) You are obviously on the web with some device so go to:- Download the ISO and make a bootable USB drive from that ISO. You, hopefully, can use the...
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    external cd/dvd drive

    Sorry I wouldn't pay those Newegg prices.
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    How to print on pre-printed materials? Can a home printer do this...

    That to be honest. Yes you can do it and I have done it in the past but it a bit of a faffn, well actually a lot of faff.
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    external cd/dvd drive

    PC World. Stupidly expensive. Your local friendly computer shop. Not so expensive and generally know what the are talking about (unlike Pc World). Ebay. Loads on there from cheap to expensive. I'm in UK and I have a couple of external DVD players, because a lot of manufactures have stupidly...
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    windows media player

    You did actually read my post above this didn't you? You will have to buy the specific player for your machine. They are usually held by one small screw and then whole assembly slides out. Putting the replacement player in is the reverse. As I said much easier, and probably much much cheaper, to...
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    windows media player

    If you do not think that you are able to replace an internal DVD player you could always buy an external one, that will plug into your USB port. They do tend to be slower than an internal player but do work. They are quite cheap on Ebay.
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    Scanner doesn't connect to my Windows 10 Laptop. HELP Please!

    I think you may have to bite the bullet and buy a new scanner that is Windows 10 compatible.
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    Cyberfox Web Browser Flash Is Missing

    You can get Flash Player from here:- If by saying that you have Flash already installed on your computer I take it you mean the "flash player" that comes with Windows10. If that is the case that "windows flash player" does not work with everything...
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    Anyone want to help a noob pick ram for my dell?

    Seconded. You don't have to buy it from Crucial just use their scanner and then buy it from the cheapest. Don't forget to delete the scanner when you have done with it if you are paranoid about these things.
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    HP Laptop DVD Player Not Working

    Did you get any joy on the HP forum? It asked me to log in which I aint gonna do. 90% of DVD reader faults are down to the laser and that means replacing the player. But more information has been asked for, specifically, what does it say in device manager.
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    Used a mobile number to register Facebook account can I be traced?

    And if you trust that statement and trust Facebook not to sell your info, good luck with that.
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    How to safely dispose of a computer

    Remove the hard drive and either keep it as a spare or extra storage or, if you don't want it, drill holes in the platter/s or knock a big nail through them a couple of times. Information can be retrieved even if you have wiped the drive. There are programs available, both free and paid for...
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    I just use what comes with Windows and free Malwarebytes occasionally. Works for me and has worked for me for years, even during the "bad old days" of Microsoft Security Essentials. As said if you know how to use the internet you don't need to pay for antivirus which in my opinion do not work...