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  1. strollin

    Transferring from one phone to another phone

    I just bought a new Samsung phone a couple of months ago and Samsung has a great little utility called Smart Switch that lets you transfer everything from the old to the new phone.
  2. strollin

    On the use of your secondary storing HD

    The speedy performance of an SSD is most notable when used as the OS drive since it speeds up booting and program loading which makes the whole system snappier. Using an SSD for data storage won't produce the same speed benefit so using a spinner for data storage makes sense.
  3. strollin

    Antivirus Software that You recommend and have a good experience with

    I use Windows Defender on my computers (all run Win 10). I also do a scan using Malwarebytes about every 6 months. All it ever finds is some tracking cookies.
  4. strollin

    comparing dates

    The problem with your code is that unless the person you are trying to notify runs the code every single day they may never see the notifications. They'll only get notified if they run the code EXACTLY 1 week before expiration, EXACTLY 6 days before expiration and EXACTLY the day of expiration...
  5. strollin

    comparing dates

    (expiredate == expiredate - 1) <- This will only happen when the expiration date is EXACTLY 6 days from now. What about when the expiration date is 1-5 days from now? (expiredate == today()) <- This will only happen when the expiration date is EXACTLY today. You should include code to...
  6. strollin

    comparing dates

    Your code doesn't handle the cases where the expiration date is 1-5 days away. It also doesn't handle cases where the expiration date has already passed.
  7. strollin

    afforadable black printer all in one

    If you don't need to print in color, the only type of printer I would recommend would be a monochrome laser printer. I made the switch from crappy inkjets to laser about 8 years ago and would never consider going back. A laser might cost a bit more to buy but they last much longer, are more...
  8. strollin

    how to do main current not enough supply PC ?

    That's a valid point. Guess he could simply not use the PC until after charge cycle was over. OP already stated that his boss wouldn't upgrade main power supply so I assume that means an electrician is out.
  9. strollin

    how to do main current not enough supply PC ?

    Look into an Uninterruptible Power Supply or UPS. It's a power supply with a battery backup so that it can maintain power even when main power fluctuates.
  10. strollin

    Bluetooth extender question

    That unit is a standalone extender that enables you to receive Bluetooth audio with a longer range. The max range is effected by lots of things such as walls, floors, furniture, etc... that are between the Bluetooth source and the extender.
  11. strollin

    More HDD space

    Sounds like your new HP has a smallish SSD, what is the model number of your HP? Are you sure the PC doesn't have a secondary data drive? If you really need more storage space, I would look into replacing the 128GB drive with a 1TB drive and be done with it. To answer your question, yes, it's...
  12. strollin

    Solid state drives.

    I've been putting SSDs in all my computers for at least the past 6-7 years now and I have only had 1 failure. One of the drives I purchased recently worked for about a minute and then died. Other than that all the SSDs I've installed have worked flawlessly. Aside from no moving parts, they...
  13. strollin

    I need wifi in on my computer

    You could also try a wifi extender, a device that is located closer to where you need your PC to be but still able to pickup the wifi from the router in the basement and rebroadcast it in order to reach other parts of your house. Any chance the router could be re-located to a room upstairs...
  14. strollin

    How do I get actual internet service with this mobile hotspot?

    I found this similar device on the T-Mobile website: Franklin T9 Mobile Hotspot You would need to talk to T-Mobile in order to add a data plan to that device. Most likely any carrier you look at will sell you one of these devices along with a data plan to go with it.
  15. strollin

    Wanting a college computer and need some help

    That ASUS looks like it should fit your needs. Will you be doing on-line or inperson classes? The reason I ask is because that laptop doesn't have a built-in camera so if you plan to do on-line classes (or Skype or Zoom, etc...) you will need to add an external web cam.
  16. strollin

    something goes really wrong with OUTLOOK.COM lately

    I just tried sending an email to myself at and the email shows up in the Sent Items folder but not in either the Inbox or Junk folders. I also tried the same thing using my Thunderbird email client and it worked so looks like there could be an issue with the website.
  17. strollin

    Still an advantage to installing game files on separate drive from system drive with SSD?

    I'm not a gamer so my opinion is from a different perspective. When SSDs first appeared on the scene they were expensive so it made sense to only have a small SSD, just large enough for the OS. Everything else got installed on an HDD. However, in the current market, SSDs are very...
  18. strollin

    newbie ?

    Virtually all software installers allow you to designate which drive and directory to install to but often you need to select "Custom install" or similar wording. Avoid "Default" or "Typical" installation. As John35 said, all programs you want on the other drive will need to be re-installed...
  19. strollin

    All-in-one home printer recommendations?

    You didn't mention whether you need to print photo quality pictures or color printing. If you don't require either of those, then I recommend a monochrome laser printer. I purchased a Brother MFC laser printer about 6 years ago and would never consider going back to an ink jet printer. A...
  20. strollin

    Inexpensive non-pirated software?

    If you don't absolutely need Microsoft Office you could download the free, open source software called Open Office. It has counterpart apps for Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Access. The Open Office modules can read & write files compatible with the MS Office modules.