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  1. mep916

    An SSD Purchase Guide!

    Great work, OmniDyne. Thanks for your contribution to the forum. These guides take some time and effort, much appreciated.
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    OS from on PC to another PC

    If you’re trying to upgrade to 10, I honestly don’t think Microsoft cares whether your 7 install is full or an upgrade even if they state otherwise. From what I understand, they want users to move from 7 to 10 and there’s very little barrier to entry. I’d go through the steps above and see if...
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    OS from on PC to another PC

    There's probably a few ways to do this, and I don't know if my technique is best, but here's what I would try: 1) Use the Media Creation Tool to burn an ISO or create a bootable USB of the Windows 10 installation media (if you don't already have a copy). 2) If possible, on your Windows 7...
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    This is the model I use for online proctored exams and so forth. The video quality and sound appears to be great for the price.
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    WIndows 10 New three parts for my Gaming PC.

    The PSU should be more than sufficient to power the GPU and other components. Seasonic’s are among the best. As far as your budget and the monitor, I’ll let someone else chime in.
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    What is the difference between PC settings and personalization settings?

    Basically, everything in your user account(s) remain—documents, desktop profile, apps, etc.— while important operating system files are reinstalled. It’s useful when you’re having issues that can’t be resolved via system restore and general troubleshooting methods. Resetting is different in...
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    Which phone?

    on a recent episode of Vice, they did a piece on the tariff situation and broke down the iPhone supply chain. parts and IP are sourced from nearly every continent, with the final product finally assembled in China. it's a global economy, no two-ways about it. especially in the area of consumer...
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    Putting old hard drive in new PC

    like Darren said, you wouldn't be merging the HDs. After the transfer, you'd simply format the old HD into one or more NTFS partitions and have more storage available. You could use that as a target location for scheduled backups of your Windows 10 installation, for example.
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    asus prime a320m-k compatability

    Think this is what you're looking for: CPU Support List You'll need to know which BIOS version you're running to cross-reference. Any reason you don't want to flash to the latest version?
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    Is rooting bad for my Android phone?

    generally, rooting an Android will leave your phone highly vulnerable and provides a fairly wide open attack surface. unless you know what you're doing and practice reasonable security hygiene, I'd leave it alone.
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    Macbook Air vs Asus Zenbook

    like Darren said, what really distinguishes Macs from the rest is the OS and software. If you're within the Apple ecosystem—own an iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, etc.—that may be another reason to go with the Mac.
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    Who else has had Windows 10 forced upon them?

    Absolutely, thanks for pointing that out. :) The hostility around here can be overwhelming, it's very unfortunate. 95% of what's discussed on this forum doesn't go beyond the scope of A+ -- you know, that certification that your 18 yr old, pimple faced Geek Squad tech earned to get his job...
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    What's the worst PC you've ever owned?

    Pretty much the same here. I've never really owned a bad PC. This was my first. GF (now wifey) bought it for us back in Christmas 2003. Expensive (over $2k iirc) and current enough for that time. Lasted us til 07, when I finally built my first rig. Installed my first set of RAM, secondary HD...
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    I became that guy today...

    on EaseUS? thought you were running a trial? did they make you unlock the full features or something? hate bait n switch tactics from some of these vendors...
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    FINALLY getting a new power supply!

    lol was thinking the same, guessing not enough storage
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    FINALLY getting a new power supply! fun site to browse through every now and then i wish you well sir
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    recommend gaming headset

    After going through a few super cheap sets, thinking she didn't need anything > $25 (not true, to say the least), finally broke down and got my daughter the HyperX Cloud. Didn't want to shell out the extra ~$30 for the Cloud II, which are supposed to be among the best in that price point...
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    Password on startup.

    this walkthrough fairly simple