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  1. johnb35

    Windows repair problem

    Never heard anything like this before. Your best bet would be to take it in and have it diagnosed. Are you getting any type of error message or anything? If its fine in safe mode then its most likely a driver issue, possibly hard drive issue. Maybe try using the reset this pc option and...
  2. johnb35

    Drive C space filling up automatically

    How big is your C drive? Have you downloaded and ran Ccleaner? Is system restore turned on and how much disk space is it set to use?
  3. johnb35

    Crazy Cursor/Pointer

    There a couple of drivers for the touchpad. Now I don't know if the fingerprint sensor is incorporated into the touchpad or if its a separate sensor off to the side. ELAN Fingerprint Sensor Driver ELAN Precision Touchpad Filter...
  4. johnb35

    Crazy Cursor/Pointer

    15 DW0XXX This is the one I need but there should be numbers where the X's are. If the battery is removable, usually the model number is listed underneath of it, on the housing not the battery.
  5. johnb35

    Crazy Cursor/Pointer

    Either there is a fault with the touchpad or something with the driver. What model of HP do you have?
  6. johnb35

    Screeching sound while turning on laptop and programs

    SSD doesn't have any moving parts so the screeching would be coming from a fan or something else. Are you sure its an SSD? Check your boot sequence in the bios.
  7. johnb35

    BIOS question

    It should be ntfs as I don't think you will get the iso will work if its fat32 due to file limitations. Some systems require secure boot to disabled in order to boot to cd/usb.
  8. johnb35

    BSOD – one of her critical processes has done kicked the bucket

    If you don't have windows 10 install media then you need to go here and make it and then follow that method I posted. Download the tool and create either a cd or usb bootable media.
  9. johnb35

    BSOD – one of her critical processes has done kicked the bucket

    If its windows 10 then it should allow you to get into advanced recovery. Boot of the windows 10 install media and choose to go to advanced recovery. Use Method 2 From there you may be able to do a system restore...
  10. johnb35


    That just means that there is some incompatibility between the 2.
  11. johnb35

    Gaming computer configuration, VR ready

    1. You need to verify that the case has enough clearance for the cpu cooler. 2. As long as the case as a front and a rear fan, should be ok. Might need more fans later though. Does the case have other fan location options? 3. All depends on what video card you would use. 4. That Quadro...
  12. johnb35


    If you have anything in red at the bottom part of the screen with errors then you need to replace the ram. This is what errors look like.
  13. johnb35

    WIndows 10 Create a Backup image on External HD that will install on new m.2 Drive ?

    Data D drive is a totally different drive all together. So basically he just needs to extend the C partition using disk management or something like minitool partition wizard. I would just make it all one partition and not separate it since its only 500 gb.
  14. johnb35


    I need you to run version 4.3.7 as seen in this video. I'm not sure if its an available option on the one you downloaded but you can download and create hirens boot cd which I think does have it. I'm not familiar with this new version of memtest, its been a long time since I've had to run...
  15. johnb35

    Dell Optiplex 330 Motherboard

    Find the part number on the motherboard and punch it into ebay and see what comes up. If you don't use the same one, existing cpu and ram may not work.
  16. johnb35


    3 of these are definitely referencing memory issues. Start by running memtest on your ram.
  17. johnb35


    Well the last bluescreen was due to memory issues. So these all could be from failing memory. But I need you to do the following. Navigate to the follow files and copy and paste to a folder on the desktop as it won't allow you to just upload these directly due to system permissions...
  18. johnb35


    Please download and run the following and post results. Download BlueScreenView No installation required. Unzip downloaded file and double click on BlueScreenView.exe file to run the program. When scanning is done, go Edit>Select All. Go File>Save Selected Items, and save the report as...
  19. johnb35

    using second drive as page file in Windows 10

    Page file should be between 1.5x to 4x the amount of physical ram so 3gb to 8gb. If you disable a drive, windows can't see it to use it.
  20. johnb35

    Why is my PC so bad?

    Since you didn't reapply the thermal paste, you are most likely thermal throttling because the cpu is too hot. Use isopropyl alcohol to remove existing paste, let it dry completely then apply a small amount of paste about the size of a pea on the center of the cpu and let the cpu cooler spread...