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  1. _Glitch

    Cooler Master Hyper 412S

    In that case the ML series is a fan you can easily use later on as a radiator fan. So why not buy a cheap horisontal cooler and put an ML fan on it until you get serious about your cooling setup. ;)
  2. _Glitch

    Cooler Master Hyper 412S

    I was trying to upload a picture of my setup, but the websites i was trying to use didn't work. hopefully this does. This is a high end radiator fan on low profile cooler. Cheap, quite and works well, if you don't do any serious overclocking. If you do overclock, you will need to look...
  3. _Glitch

    Cooler Master Hyper 412S

    Not familiar with that cooler. But if it fits better, that would likely be a better option. You could also buy a horizontal CPU cooler. Gonna save you a lot of space. Usually not as efficient. but if you add a corsair Magnetic Levitation fan to it (ML series), and should get great cooling. I am...
  4. _Glitch

    Cooler Master Hyper 412S

    I would recommend you buying a different cooler. Have you considered a closed loop water cooler?
  5. _Glitch

    Avast Free Antivirus alert...

    I can recommend ccleaner. That should take care of most of it.
  6. _Glitch

    Free Software Easy to use to make Video from Pictures with Text and Music?

    I haven't tried this yet, but windows 10 has a feature like that inbuilt into their photo app. Open the app and click up in the right corner where it says create. It will give you an option to make a video. It's a part of a featureset they call remix.
  7. _Glitch

    How does a psu esplosion damage hardware?

    _Pete_ Yeah, it can be a bad day if that happens. I had a PSU at my previous school blow up. It required an electrician to fix some broken wirering on the roof. If it's a physically spinning harddrive, just pick SATA 7.2K rpm. And for the LED's just pick 15 leds. Makes little difference in...
  8. _Glitch

    1080p 144Hz/75Hz low input lag and good image quality monitor?

    Lower the graphic effects a bit then. In my opinion going from 1080p to 1440p gives you are greater increase in image quality than going from High settings to Ultra or Medium to High. Just be aware that if you choose a 1440p monitor you better stick with that resolution in all games. 1440p...
  9. _Glitch

    Anti theft & recovery

    Have you changed the sim card? One of the things that will trigger the software is if you change the sim card. Put it back in, and see what happens. Or just enter your password... but i am guessing you have forgotten it, or don't know it because you are the thief I am not familiar with this...
  10. _Glitch

    Anti theft & recovery

    What phone do you have?
  11. _Glitch

    Anti theft & recovery

    I was not aware of an anti theft feature on Android. You can lock it from your google account if stolen or missing, then unlock it easily when you find it again by entering in your email. What 3 party app did you use?
  12. _Glitch

    Did i fry my motherboard? :/

    Did you insert 2 separate 4pin connectors? I am not sure if that's how it works. I'll recommend hocking it up to a single 8pin.
  13. _Glitch

    How to back up the data on my phone?

    Didn't see the last post Dimitri. Sorry about that. Hope you have figured it out. If not. The direction i gave you was just on your Android phones settings. Are you using iPhone?? Backing up images from Google Photos is straight forward as well. Open Google Photos, go to settings, click "backup...
  14. _Glitch

    8th gen with 8GB Ram or 7th Gen with 16 GB Ram?

    What CPU's are they? Like, if the Gen 8 CPU is a lower tier i5, and the gen 7 is a high tier i5 (or even i7) i might go for the gen 7. But if they are similar to each other in terms of "mid, high or top tier" i would go for the gen 8. Remember you can install more ram in the laptop, but you...
  15. _Glitch

    Using a 3.5mm Audio Splitter

    Don't think the quality is gonna be reduced, but the max volume on your headset will properly take a hit.
  16. _Glitch

    Sticky: Official CPU-Z Benchmark Thread

    Cool. Is this thread still alive. I got a new laptop.... again. I get a new one about every year from work. Ill post my new laptop numbers soon. My PC is still the same. Just with a new graphic card and new ram. So no need to update that.
  17. _Glitch

    This document is valuable for my company and me

    I don't quite understand what you are saying. The PDF file is corrupted?
  18. _Glitch

    How to be totally anonymous on the internet?

    You properly got banned because you used both accounts from the same VPN. Just a guess. Why are you so censorned about not being traceable anyway? What are you hiding?
  19. _Glitch

    How to back up the data on my phone?

    Just checked out Google Keep. You can choose to have your notes backed up together with all other google services. Go to: Settings -> accounts -> google. And check if "keep" is checked.
  20. _Glitch

    How to back up the data on my phone?

    Don't know about keep notes, but your pictures and videos can easily be backed up with Google Photos. I have set it up to automatically backup my stuff to my Google Drive. That way i can at any point have my phone stolen or destroyed, all my photos will be safe.