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  1. Darren

    [LAN] - How to share a map with only 1 or 2 other pc's?

    Lol sorry for trying to help. Good luck.
  2. Darren

    [LAN] - How to share a map with only 1 or 2 other pc's?

    You're going to need to use users in some capacity I think, unless your NAS software lets you set share/export policies at the IP level. I'd just set up a user for each machine, set permissions accordingly, and leave it so the session never expires. I think my NAS is authenticating with a user...
  3. Darren

    Reliable storage media!! nothing lasts :(

    If you're talking for more cold long term storage purposes than active usages, multiple backups in several physically different places. NAS in RAID is a good idea too, if you're trying to access it more than rarely.
  4. Darren

    Inexpensive Assembled PCs on eBay

    It's immensely more cost effective to save more and get something decent from the start. The difference really isn't that much, whereas you're proposing buying everything twice over in the long run. I'd also take slightly lower specs of higher quality components versus higher specs that are...
  5. Darren

    laptop charger port

    I'd plug it in and leave it alone. Unplugged and replugging will do nothing but wear it out faster. Your computer and battery are fine to be plugged in indefinitely. It'll automatically detect if it's fully charged and stop charging. They myth that plugging in a fully charged device damages it...
  6. Darren

    How to get back deleted files

    I'm not 100 percent sure about the burn, particularly if you changed the file format when you did it. I work in enterprise storage, but not sure on specifics down at the drive level. But in theory, when you delete a file all you're doing is removing the label or pointer that tells the OS where...
  7. Darren

    New build for beginner

    Not getting an SSD as a boot device is flat foolish in 2020. Windows 10 does not like to run on mechanical drives.
  8. Darren

    How to get back deleted files

    Recuva is probably your best free bet, without paying out the nose for professional data recovery that may or may not work. In theory if you can rebuild the file structure (using Recuva or otherwise), you should be able to recover any sectors that weren't physically written over with the ISO...
  9. Darren

    why is the computer shutting down

    Most "tech-people" know you can't put an M.2 drive in a SATA connector. :cool: Also you can just set boot order regardless of which SATA connector it's in. Please stop spreading misinformation.
  10. Darren

    why is the computer shutting down

    Fresh build? Shutting down after a few minutes? First inkling would be overheating somewhere. Did thermal paste get applied on the CPU, or use the pre-applied if applicable? Reseat all power connections.
  11. Darren

    Anti virus for Smartphones

    Still spouting stuff like this are ya? Not needed, adds bloat, will try to upsell you on unnecessary software, and adds just another company scraping your data from your phone. If you're getting viruses on your phone, you're doing it wrong.
  12. Darren

    Long-distance (Ubiquity?) Wi-Fi?

    Check with your cell phone carrier if they sell hotspots, I bet you they do.
  13. Darren

    How should I configure a Linux machine to share internet connection with a W10 machine

    You're going to have a much easier time if you just run it in a virtual machine than actually dual booting. I've built up a few labs at work and home and virtualization is key to make things easy to manage. I'd make two VM's, one a W10 client and then the Linux client. They can talk to each...
  14. Darren

    Why is my hard drive being identified as SSD?

    Defragging is like... not really necessary anymore and hasn't been for probably a decade.
  15. Darren

    CPU can't hold previous overclock

    If you're worried about further degradation I'd knock your clock down 50-100MHz. My 1700 is stable at 4.0GHz but I run it at 3.9GHz for longevity.
  16. Darren

    CPU can't hold previous overclock

    Different boards will get you different stability when overclocking. You can use your old board as a baseline but I'd basically treat it as a fresh setup and overclock it like it was new. Might have faced mild degradation over time as well on the chip. I'd benchmark out the differences of...
  17. Darren

    Clone with Samsung Data Migration to a smaller drive

    For what it's worth the speed benefits across different interfaces is basically negligible outside of benchmarks. Set up what is ever easiest to manage and run with it. Cloning wise yeah I think you can do what you want. Macrium Reflect Free would do it as well, if Samsung can't.
  18. Darren

    Disc usage 100 %

    This would be a decent guess but his RAM isn't even close to full so doubt he's using his pagefile. I'd guess the OS is hung up on something in the background, maybe an update or something like that.
  19. Darren

    9700k BSOD at 1.35v 5.0Ghz Gigabyte Aorus PRO

    Are you locking your vCore and do you have Load Line Calibration (LLC) on?
  20. Darren

    Gaming PC build help

    M.2 vs SATA doesn't matter a whole lot in typical day to day. That said M.2 drives are hardly much more than a SATA equivalent so I'd opt for an M.2 for size and wiring reasons as much as anything. The physical interface might be M.2, but you also have SATA and NVME type drives, which are...