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  1. _Kyle_

    Laptop Can't Boot From USB Drive

    Where did you get the ISOs from? The official link is here:
  2. _Kyle_

    RTX 3080 Prices are through the roof-Scalpers

    That's disgusting.
  3. _Kyle_

    RTX 3080 Prices are through the roof-Scalpers

    What is a scalper?
  4. _Kyle_

    Which is a better pick

    Hmm, the only meaningful difference might be the 4x8 kit for the first option, it'll give you more bandwidth, and that makes Ryzen CPUs happy. Depending on the price increase it might not be a bad idea to cash out a little more for the 4x8 kit.
  5. _Kyle_

    gpu cleaning

    If there's anything you can't blow off with air (although there shouldn't be), isopropyl alcohol is safe to use on electronics too (shoot for minimal water content in the isopropyl alcohol, at least 91% isopropyl alcohol, 99% is preferred).
  6. _Kyle_

    problem with mouse cursor windows 10 pro

    Try updating the drivers for the mice.
  7. _Kyle_

    Why does YouTube keep stopping lately?

    (The last message on this thread was from Nov 8, 2019 btw)
  8. _Kyle_

    My new second hand computer

    If possible could you record the audio and send it? A low pitched sorta "gurgly" noise is a HDD. Fans are higher pitched and more consistent in sound.
  9. _Kyle_

    Monitor plug

    That's a DVI port. The dongle will only duplicate video so the two screens will just display the same things. What other ports does your GPU have?
  10. _Kyle_

    My new second hand computer

    It could also be the HDD spinning up.
  11. _Kyle_

    CPU, RAM and Task Manager information or doubts?

    Keep in mind it's normal to see CPU usage spike when opening Task Manager, or any program in general. (But like others said, the Celeron isn't exactly the most powerful CPU around)
  12. _Kyle_

    Is Avast still the best free antivirus?

    @TheRealSwede Instead of spending a bunch of money on something you don't need, why not try using:
  13. _Kyle_

    Looking for a cheap $300 laptop.

    Thanks, I think that may be it! @Cisco001, I appreciate your suggestions as well. Thank you. :)
  14. _Kyle_

    Looking for a cheap $300 laptop.

    Yes, used/refurbished is totally ok with me. ^w^
  15. _Kyle_

    Looking for a cheap $300 laptop.

    Hey there, I'm not too familiar with buying laptops, so I came here. Basically I'm trying to find a decent-ish laptop as a second computer I can take with me since taking my desktop isn't an option. It doesn't need to be super powerful, basically web browsing, maybe some digital art (preferably...
  16. _Kyle_

    Help with gb ram upgrading ..

    How are you playing that many games at once...
  17. _Kyle_

    NZXT 510I

    Never built in that specific one, but NZXT cases are usually very high quality and a breeze to build in.
  18. _Kyle_

    Convert manuals to PDF

    Like a physical manual or some sort of file?
  19. _Kyle_

    Help with gb ram upgrading ..

    Well, what do you need 32GB of RAM for, anyways?
  20. _Kyle_

    Possible hack (files on computer I didn't put there)

    There might be download history as well on the computer's internet browser. That may provide some useful information.