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  1. beers

    Drive C space filling up automatically

    Nice I hadn't heard of that one and usually use WinDirStat
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    Wi-Fi range extender

    UBNT doesn't really do bridge mode. They do wireless uplink to their own UBNT products which works okay, but not to a third party vendor.
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    Wi-Fi range extender

    Any cheapy AP will have a client or bridge mode that does this, I just used one to connect to my neighbors Comcast while they were repairing mine. Once you set the SSID and MAC to join it just acts like a cable bro.
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    Wi-Fi range extender

    Hummmmmmmmm, I've done similar installs to this, although usually it was with a cellular device integrated into a router, then you'd simply use an external antenna on top of the building to feed the router inside. A lot of building materials act like a faraday cage especially if it has a metal...
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    BIOS question

    Depends, some BIOS functions only read FAT32 for like BIOS upgrades. I'd roll UEFI on a more modern system since you don't have to use the CSM compatibility layer for legacy BIOS. What boot disk are you trying to use? Usually you'd just 1:1 write the ISO and it includes the file system and...
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    [LAN] - How to share a map with only 1 or 2 other pc's?

    It's already easy, you're just trying to make it difficult by ignoring the obvious solution.
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    Help with pairing a desktop computer ( tower ) with a monitor.

    For a 2D environment you can get pretty much anything. If you go Intel the integrated graphics will run a 4k desktop resolution, same for an APU.
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    [LAN] - How to share a map with only 1 or 2 other pc's?

    He was giving you solutions that you could leverage with the NAS. If you had an isolated user share, just use that for the two systems you're referring to and you can serve it out of the NAS, and the other ones wouldn't be able to access it as you wouldn't have added the credentials. You could...
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    Will more RAM improve my gaming experience?

    You probably have a low end GPU, 2 GB cards aren't really as viable anymore. Performance depends more than just VRAM quantity. What specific card do you have and what games do you play? What about the rest of your system specs? If your RAM utilization is generally over 85%ish then you'd...
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    using second drive as page file in Windows 10

    Honestly just use Automatic. If you make a larger one you'll swap more, one that is too small will give you out of memory errors. Your system is pretty light on RAM (my router literally has twice as much), so performance will tank as you're swappin, and be much worse on the mechanical drive.
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    Notice from McAfee regarding my e mail

    Chrome has a feature like this as well, depends how it was originally obtained. A lot of data breaches will expose user credentials which are then posted online or similar to . Those are generally a result of poor implementations of...
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    Why is my PC so bad?

    What previous problems did you have before buying the new RAM? What was the model of the old kit? What new kit did you buy? What does the temperature tab of CPU look like? What happened between when it was working fine and when you started troubleshooting your previous RAM? Did you install...
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    Windows blocks the entire internet network of other PCs and devices

    You probably want to get an actual network person to take a look at your setup.
  14. beers

    Windows blocks the entire internet network of other PCs and devices

    What are you broadcasting, and what does your WAN circuit look like? I would only assume congestion.
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    Inexpensive Assembled PCs on eBay

    Kinda, depends on the upgrade timeline. Eventually an upgrade is inevitable (you don't see anyone still using 486DX, okay maybe like one dude), if you're just upgrading in a year or so then as per @Darren you've essentially wasted money buying the old parts that you're paying again for to swap out.
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    Inexpensive Assembled PCs on eBay

    99% of prebuilts (even the ones you customize new for 'top tier gaming pc!') use low quality subcomponent parts like MB/RAM/PSU/HDD in order to increase margins.
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    Reliable storage media!! nothing lasts :(

    The best device mitigation strategy is to replicate to multiple devices.
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    Can I build a raid 5 array with hard disk already containing data?

    As AM2/AM3/FM1/FM2 utilize the same hole dimensions you can use a backplate from any of those boards, if that helps out your searching any.
  19. beers

    Can I build a raid 5 array with hard disk already containing data?

    IIRC AM3 coolers are compatible with FM2, you should be able to reuse that (which is also the same as AM2, but different than AM4).
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    Can't ping laptop

    Did you pick public network when you joined with the laptop? The options have a couple of different firewall behavior rules, usually the public one drops other connectivity like ICMP or RDP unless you manually whitelisted it in that zone.