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  1. StrangleHold

    So difficult to find a simple part???

    Amazon has all kinds of them.
  2. StrangleHold

    Cable identification

    I don't know. Most 8 pin connectors are power connectors. Have you tried unplugging it when its off. Start it up and see!
  3. StrangleHold

    Fill RAM in all slots?

    It used to be that if you had the same amount of memory, 2 sticks, one in each memory bank/controller were slightly faster then using 4. As in it doesn't take as long to search 1 stick vs. 2.
  4. StrangleHold

    CPU too hot?

    Yeah, sounds like a bad sensor reading
  5. StrangleHold


    I had one of those someone gave me as a gift. Put the box up somewhere and never found it again to this day.
  6. StrangleHold

    Ram problem

    Have you tried just 2 sticks? 1 in each channel or both in 1 or the other. Tried resetting the bios?
  7. StrangleHold

    Is it safe to switch on my computer? Anyone had this issue?

    I don't think it would explode. Have you tried wiping it off? Have you tried charging it?
  8. StrangleHold

    Remote controlled robot through phone?

    Sure, there are even sites that show you how to build one if you don't want a retail one.
  9. StrangleHold

    My computer won't start

    If your PSU has a off/on switch on the back, make sure it didn't get switched off.
  10. StrangleHold

    New PSU not powering up

    Something is still not right if it isn't booting on the main PCIe slot. Look around in the bios and see if it has a setting that sets the boot slot.
  11. StrangleHold

    What memory should I use?

    Well it supports up to DDR3 1866 or 2100 if you manually set the timing and voltage. What CPU has it got?
  12. StrangleHold

    Processor question.

    I think you might have missed one + They are going to start listing them as 14nm ?
  13. StrangleHold

    Mobo, cpu Supported OS

    Do you have a Windows 7 64 bit retail?
  14. StrangleHold

    why is the computer shutting down

    What parts did you get, down to the power supply.
  15. StrangleHold

    MSI Motherboards

    I've had pretty good luck with MSI video cards, but hate their motherboards. Use nothing but Gigabyte for years. ASRock used to be a budget board, but no to bad anymore.
  16. StrangleHold

    What memory should I use?

    It should be. Its the same speed that you already have. Wont be much of a upgrade unless your going for more memory. What motherboard do you have?
  17. StrangleHold

    Solid state drives.

    I only use mechanical drives for storage anymore. Thats not to say that I still do have a few mechanical drive computers around.
  18. StrangleHold

    I don't know much about computers, only that I would like a better one

    Do a defrag and file clean up on it if it says to or not.
  19. StrangleHold

    No Display on Monitors

    Try just one monitor on yours and see if it works.
  20. StrangleHold

    AMD FX-8120 and 8150?

    The 8150 isn't factory overclocked. Its just a higher binned CPU that can hit the higher clocks under a certain voltage.