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  1. PohTayToez

    wanted: PS3 controller

    How about $23 shipped or $25 with a 6ft USB cable?
  2. PohTayToez

    Wanted: Laptop RAM (DDR/DDR2) and Hard Drives

    PM sent, would be willing to offer $35 on the hard drive (assuming SATA) and $5 on the RAM. BTW I'm paying more for IDE and DDR vs SATA and DDR2. Also interested in DDR sticks for desktops as well, 512MB and bigger. And DDR2 for desktops 1GB and bigger.
  3. PohTayToez

    Wanted: Laptop RAM (DDR/DDR2) and Hard Drives

    Bump, looking to pay $10-$40 on hard drives, $5-$20 for RAM sticks.
  4. PohTayToez

    weird sequence happening when booting up

    At what point is it shutting down? Does it load into Windows? Restart right after showing the Windows loading screen? Does the motherboard have an onboard graphics card? If so I'd remove the other graphics card and try just using the motherboard video and see if it resets.
  5. PohTayToez

    Is this normal?

    The easiest way to tell is if you're getting the exact same number of updates every shutdown. If it's a different number of updates then they are different updates. Windows can sometimes get into a state where it try to install the same updates over and over, so like James said you can go into...
  6. PohTayToez

    Can I use 65w Adaptor instead 90w

    I was talking about the requirements of the laptop. The amperage the laptop requires can be equal or less than the maximum output of the power supply.
  7. PohTayToez

    Can I use 65w Adaptor instead 90w

    Check the bottom of the laptop, it should show a voltage and amperage requirement, it might be printed underneath the battery. The voltage needs to match your power supply exactly and the amperage can be equal or less.
  8. PohTayToez

    Xbox One Question

    Odds are it's going to play the same on both consoles, and if there is a difference then it's probably not going to be directly related to the console's specs. The PS3 is much more powerful than the 360, however there are games that run and look better on the 360 because the were developed for...
  9. PohTayToez

    MacBook Pro (17") issues

    Yes, there are methods for reflowing the chipset using either a heatgun or oven. They are not very reliable and you might destroy a board that could otherwise be professionally repaired.
  10. PohTayToez

    Logitech Keyboard Problem

    Did you spill something on it? What you're describing sounds like the keyboard is shorting out somewhere, usually I see this sort of thing with keyboards that have had liquid damage. You can try taking it apart and cleaning it but more likely than not it will need replaced.
  11. PohTayToez

    What often breaks in a computer?

    As others stated, most parts come with a manufacture's warranty. The warranty you buy through the site is a retailer's warranty which means that you can return it to the retailer rather than the manufacturer which is sometimes easier, but otherwise pointless. Hard drives and power supplies...
  12. PohTayToez

    MacBook Pro (17") issues

    Yep, if this is a 1st generation Macbook Pro then it's most likely the video chipset (which is part of the logic board). Most likely you'll either have to replace the entire logic board or take it somewhere which offers a chipset reballing service, either way it won't be cheap.
  13. PohTayToez

    WTB PS3 Games

    Hey, so this is what I have at the moment if you're interested in working out a bulk deal overseas. Most of Them Without Cases 1 Without Cases 2
  14. PohTayToez

    Wanted: Laptop RAM (DDR/DDR2) and Hard Drives

    Looking for 2.5" SATA and IDE hard drives, must be able to pass diagnostic. Also interested in DDR1 SO-DIMMs 512MB and bigger and DDR2 1GB and bigger.
  15. PohTayToez

    dropping phone on table

    Besides the screen there is basically nothing in a phone that is sensitive to impact. If there is no visible damage on the outside then you're good.
  16. PohTayToez

    Xbox 360 On Two Monitors

    Hmmm, that's interesting for sure. But what that device does would take a single video input and stretch it across two screens. I suppose if you were playing a game with vertical split screen it would have each player on separate screens, however the aspect ration would be way off. Also I do...
  17. PohTayToez

    PS4/Xbox One Headset Compatibility? Will Current Headsets Work With It?

    The PS4 will have Bluetooth so I imagine they'll keep it compatible with any standard Bluetooth headset like the PS3.
  18. PohTayToez

    Xbox 360 On Two Monitors

    You could use both at the same time just using a splitter, however the same image will always be on both screens.
  19. PohTayToez

    Dell GX270 no video

    Well I don't think there is anything to do that you haven't tried. It must be something that you've checked already. Did you try resetting the BIOS on the new motherboard? Only other thing I can think to recommend would be not using the video card at all when you're testing, no sense in...
  20. PohTayToez

    My computer is looked due a password I dont know.

    Sorry, but bypassing passwords is not something we discuss on this forum. However most PC's are equipped with a recovery partition that can be used to wipe the computer and reset it to how it came new.