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    Problem Transfering Pictures from Digital Camera

    come on , anyone have any suggestions??? i seriously need this fixed, its really annoying moving 50 images one by one from my memory card to my pc.
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    Fujifilm 2600Z 2.0 trouble focusing cold weather - true with other digitals?

    the only problem i could see coming up, is if the humidity was high. because some, if not most cameras use infrared to focus in, and the water particles in the air might cause some problems if the humidity is too high. check humidity too the next time u notice that problem.
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    Problem Transfering Pictures from Digital Camera

    the problem comes when i try to transfer more than 1 picture from my digital camera to my pc. my hdd is c: and the camera is recognized as G: after i plug it in via usb. after i select multiple images and drag them to my pc, or copy paste them. it transfers 1 image, then says, you do not...