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  1. spanky

    Nexus One

    iphones = old news, jeeze mep catch up. android is the latest and greatest wave in smartphone world. its eating up all kinds of apples' sales. :P as far as the nexus one goes. by the end of 2010, nexus will look like a g1 does to a moto droid. is it nice? yes. will there be better soon? oh...
  2. spanky

    Official cf clan sticky

    oi, i think clan sticky is good idea.
  3. spanky

    FS: Desktop

    Maybe if you give people a price range.
  4. spanky

    Assassins Creed... Sigh.....

    whatever, you guys are lame. I loved this game up until the ending which I thought sucked also, even after reading what it all meant. How can endless bloodshed be boring? :D
  5. spanky

    [.:CF:.] Clan CS:S servers

    I'll cancel the vote IF there is a next time. Apologies for the trouble. I don't remember ur ping being that high. I mean I played with Angus the other day and his ping was like 90 so? Quit DL'ing the pr0n.
  6. spanky

    [.:CF:.] Clan CS:S servers

    Forums can now be reached at :D
  7. spanky

    [.:CF:.] Clan CS:S servers

    These are hosted in New York, neither of them are hosted personally by me. One is hosted by and the other is hosted by
  8. spanky

    [.:CF:.] Clan CS:S servers

    I am now official giving CF clan members a home on Counter-Strike: Source with my 2 servers. The office server is subject to change to whatever upon a poll vote of what it should be. Please post all suggestions on the CF clan forum as opposed to here. [.:CF:.] Clan Forum Page...
  9. spanky

    Seagate Barracuda 750GB SATAII $119.99 - Newegg

    Lawdy, I paid like $300 for my 750 gb.
  10. spanky

    Turn off PC every night...or not?

    You mean my computer has an off button?
  11. spanky

    Free Admin!

    Sweet, hope to see there then.
  12. spanky

    Free Admin!

    To help promote my Counter-Strike: Source servers, I am offering free admin. Slight catch is you must play at least 4 hrs a week on either of the 2 servers (Gungame: or Office: Admins will be expected to uphold server rules, and any admins found abusing their powers...
  13. spanky

    A little advice please

    if you got the money and don't care get the GX2
  14. spanky

    Computer For Sale

    How much for the mobo and dvd-rom? What brand of ram is it?
  15. spanky

    REALLY cool web browser

    looks gay.
  16. spanky

    The Great Firewall of China

    effin commies.
  17. spanky

    counter strike source

    I host 2 css servers..
  18. spanky

    Tektronix 7633 Oscilloscope

    Why do you need an oscilloscope? Even car tech professionals rarely use them if ever. The one you posted looks like an ancient beast of one anyway. I'm more used to the ones found here
  19. spanky

    bandwidth thieves!!!

    change the password....
  20. spanky

    Antec 1200: buy one?

    Yeah it's on now.