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    Case Grounding

    Just get a case for $50... Problem solved, worry-free...
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    ge-force 8600 Ati equal

    I did not know they made 3650's... Wow....
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    my newly built computer kills the other computers internet connections

    Or going to Walmart and buying a PCI NIC for $10... Be practical at least...
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    ge-force 8600 Ati equal

    2600xt Or better yet 3850...
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    my newly built computer kills the other computers internet connections Get the speed and embed here... Maybe later try pinging the other PC's with your PC...
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    Medion Computer

    Motherboard is the only thing I would question... Probably some ECS piece of junk...
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    In-Game Video Recorder
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    help me find a software

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    free mac software?

    Better than GIMP is probably GIMPShop... It's more Photoshoppy...
  10. I sent me a GPS rather than my processor.

    I would just sell it... They screwed up, their problem...
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    In-Game Video Recorder

    Tried XFire?
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    Servers need reliability, I would assume the chip is better built... Like the metals have better purity...
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    Vista Sp1 Finaly Relesed!!!!

    OMG...My dial-up was quicker than that... I had that back in the 90's though, I think I used to play AoEII on that, not sure though.
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    9800 GX2 at Newegg

    Yeah, I might buy that this Summer... :)
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    Vista Sp1 Finaly Relesed!!!!

    I love downloading from MS Servers... I usually get 351KB/s
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    Post A Pic Of Your Pc Here :)

    That will be a little bit hard...
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    Phenom just sucks and is an expensive flop... Most Xeons that are up to date with other processors such as the Core 2, are expensive... Like this 45nm Xeon... Or this one...
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    They're more expensive...
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    Desperate woman here

    Self-explanatory with incorrect English...
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    Steam acquires Epic

    My bad wording... Sorry