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  1. captain_ouzo

    Photo Tourny - Me, Myself, And I're just a shadow of your former self !
  2. captain_ouzo

    how do i stop this..?

    Thanks Punk...I`m still learning lol
  3. captain_ouzo

    Photo Tournament: Food

    third try to get it uploaded...
  4. captain_ouzo

    how do i stop this..?

    i boorowed an idea from TFT as a theme to try out my new camera..Nikon Coolpix 8700..but everything i shoot seems to be saturated with light ! what setting am i using wrong?? any ideas
  5. captain_ouzo

    Photo Tourny: Cityscapes

    always knew that cities would cause problems !!LOL ...What an emotive theme this has turned out to be !...glad i live in a grass hut and only use my Box Brownie to take pics of the local dinosaurs .....lmao...can`t wait for the next theme ...SCRAPPPPPPP
  6. captain_ouzo

    help me choose one (photo) not camera :P !

    Has to be 2....that is awesome...and so peaceful
  7. captain_ouzo

    Photo Tourny Theme - Music

    TFT........hope we see you at Glastonbury next year hehehehehehehehe
  8. captain_ouzo

    First multiple of the same person shot

    i hope your missus knows about the other woman matey lol:D
  9. captain_ouzo

    Photo Tourny: Reflection

    darn and golly gosh..and other subtle expletives...took too long again !!!!
  10. captain_ouzo

    Photo Tourny: Reflection

    hope this is what your`e after...1st entry for me :o)
  11. captain_ouzo

    task manager processes

    Thanks Kabu I will run these and see what happens Ok thats a lot better..... good down to 48 processes thank you
  12. captain_ouzo

    task manager processes

    Can Anyone please tell me how many processes should be running on startup...when i go to task manager it shows 59 processes...23 of which are administrator ( i.e. me ) processes this seems a lot to me and would it slow down my computer??....what are the crucial processes and how can i get rid...