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  1. Kesava

    Hard Drive format suddenly RAW

    It keeps crashing after I accept the terms and conditions. I'm running Windows 10 technical preview so that might be why and I did try compatibility settings. I'll get my netbook back from repair tomorrow hopefully so I'll try and run it from there. There wasn't a big traumatic incident...
  2. Kesava

    Hard Drive format suddenly RAW

    The hard drive in my father's laptop is a 750GB WD and after it failed to boot I investigated and found that it refused to mount and that the format had changed to RAW. I researched and couldn't find a solution except to run a program such as TestDisk to find the missing partition and...
  3. Kesava

    What's going on with my phone?

    Have you tried turning it off and on again?
  4. Kesava

    are saved passwords on your browser safe

    Do I understand what you're saying? probably no, maybe yes, definitely no, possible, yes. +1 for Lastpass. I couldn't live without it. It's secure and reliable and I've never heard of anyone having an issue with it. It allows me to have a unique, secure, randomly generated 16+ character...
  5. Kesava

    i need a good suggestion about buying a new laptop

    If you don't mind a DOS laptop and can install an OS yourself then I'd recommend:;7 SnapDeal has 500rs extra off right now.
  6. Kesava

    Screwdriver for installation?

    If we can get back to the OP's original question, as others have stated, you'll usually only need a philps screwdriver, depending on what parts you're fitting. However just to be safe (and in case philip doesn't want to lend you his screwdriver), I'd highly recommend grabbing the following from...
  7. Kesava

    Asus Laptop not waking from sleep

    It happens both times. The computer rarely wakes from sleep successfully, so you have to power it off by holding down the power button. And then when you try to start it, it freezes on the Asus boot screen. It happens on battery and on mains and on mains without battery connected. There...
  8. Kesava

    Asus Laptop not waking from sleep

    I ran memtest for around 6.5 hours last night. It did 7 passes and found 0 errors. I also tried swapping the current 4GB stick of RAM with a different one again. It didn't immediately work with the replacement stick of RAM but after a few resets it worked with the 1GB replacement. I then...
  9. Kesava

    Asus Laptop not waking from sleep

    I have an Asus K53SV, it is about 1.5 years old. Lately when I have been putting it to sleep, it won't wake up. I have to hold the power button until it shuts down and even then, when I start it up, it usually hangs on the ASUS screen, it doesn't POST. If I remove and replace the battery, it...
  10. Kesava


    Having a motherboard helps a lot with overclocking, because without one, your computer won't run at all and your hardware won't fit together properly.
  11. Kesava

    toshiba thrive

    I hardly think this would be more confusing to you than that the ipad is good simply because it is an ipad.
  12. Kesava

    Adonis Linux *Beta Testers Needed*

    I just want to show everyone this screenshot of my donation to Adonis, so you know how amazing and generous I am:
  13. Kesava

    Creating A Website

  14. Kesava

    Creating A Website

    I suggest that you steer clear of Go Daddy. They're expensive, their control panel is complicated and unintuitive and many people have issues with them. They have many clients because they are alright for bulk domains and they run a lot of ads to get customers. For hosting, I'd recommend...
  15. Kesava

    Website design cost.

    Dragunov, It's not that you are wrong... it's more that you are not right... Basically people who are clueless as to web design, such as your mom apparently, don't really know the amount of work it takes to create a website and will pay large amounts, like $1000, for a simple website...
  16. Kesava

    Adonis Linux *Beta Testers Needed*

    Yeah me too. Bobby has done a nice job. I especially love the blue, it's my all time favourite thing I've ever seen and I am really glad he put it there. It goes with the rest of the website really nicely and doesn't burn your retinas out. :rolleyes:
  17. Kesava

    Adonis Linux *Beta Testers Needed*

    You can't expect people, who are just as lazy as you, to go searching for the download link. ;)
  18. Kesava

    Adonis Linux *Beta Testers Needed*

    Since Bobby is lazy... Download: Download Torrent:
  19. Kesava

    What's your favorite webhosting company?

    Yes HostGator is definitely my best recommendation. I love their support staff and the timeliness of replies even from the higher ups. And there is rarely downtime. My host is currently running on Cloud Hosting so it has 100% uptime and the only downtime was when server upgrades were going on...
  20. Kesava

    which linux to download

    You'd almost think he gets a commission for it or something... In case anyone missed the 1200 posts in this thread advertising Mihir's remastered Ubuntu 10.04 that can be downloaded from his school's server, please read the following: MIHIR HAS A REMASTERED VERSION OF UBUNTU 10.04 THAT CAN...