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  1. ganzey

    Computer Forum now up and running

    yes it does lol
  2. ganzey

    selling powerbook g4 excellent condition and buying...

    haha what if he only wanted like $80? we just screwed ourselves lol
  3. ganzey

    Calibretto's For Sale Thread

    is that the mouse that has the ball bearing scroll wheel that just keeps on going? if it is ill take it
  4. ganzey

    selling powerbook g4 excellent condition and buying...

    what kind of battery life on the macbook? and i have no idea what its worth.... got a rough asking price?
  5. ganzey

    4870 x2

  6. ganzey

    4870 x2

    how does this compare to a 9800gx2?
  7. ganzey

    How do SIM cards work?

    i always thought it saved them on the sim card, and you would simply put it in the new phone and they would be there
  8. ganzey

    How much is my PC worth?

    about $300
  9. ganzey

    Say HELL YEAH!!! if you are still using a CRT monitor

    kinda. its my secondary monitor
  10. ganzey

    Bomber's FS/WTB Thread

    just lettin ya know these pics dont work
  11. ganzey

    Why would anyone buy an Ipad?

    i can just see someone running off with one, or taking it in to the bathroonm......
  12. ganzey

    possibly for sale

    i bought an archos home 7 tablet a couple months ago, and today i realized it has maybe 5 hours of use tops. possibly selling if i can get enough for it, im willing to take a hit but im not giving it away. i was thinking like $160 shipped(us only). still has the original screen cover on it, and...
  13. ganzey

    The Hate On Apple Thread

    yes, his username is because of a phone
  14. ganzey

    Microsofts Kinect!

    looks kinda retarded, i mean, your arms are gonna get tired after holding them out for a while.
  15. ganzey

    Gaming PC for sale Toronto

    ^^ thanks for bombing his FS thread, which is completely unnessecary, and against forum rules. his price is his price
  16. ganzey

    Good PS3 Titles

    inFamous. epic game
  17. ganzey

    *Official* Post Your Pictures Thread

    pic i got yesterday from behind my friends dads shop. his mini junkyard lol
  18. ganzey

    Bought a macbook pro

    i am so sorry for your loss.......