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    Saving Streaming Audio

    oops sorry i didnt know, i read the sticky now, so i won't do anythin like that agian
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    Xp help

    Ok i had windows ME on my 1stdrive(C)... it was horrible, so we decided to format whole computer and have XP on the D drive since thawt drive goes faster. So (my brother doing all work since he doesnt trst me with doing anything) the D fdrive was formatted, and my brother installed XP on it...
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    Saving Streaming Audio

    is this freeware, or would i have to get a crack
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    Saving Streaming Audio

    i was wondering waht a good program would be to save streaming audio. Or also if theres a feature in Windows media player somewhere that would allow me to burn or save to my computer streaming audio that i have added to my playlist.
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    Window ME not starting up

    no, typing in win works though every time i reboot it sitll goes to dos, i tink i have a virus, but im getting norton by mon or by wed :-D
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    Window ME not starting up

    thnx. I dun kno nething about MS DOS, and my bro didnt htink to tell me to try that.
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    Window ME not starting up

    hen i came to my comp. this mroning, all that was showing was the background, as if explorer had shut down. I had just woken up, so i instead of seeing whats wrong i just pressed the restart key. Now, everytime i start the comp. up, the dell screen shows up, and then it says: windows ME...
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    Cable reconnectin

    Ihave comcast cable modem, and it keeps isconnecting and reconnecting b itself, so many times i so little time that AIM is telling me i can't go on cuz i log on too many times in a little time. Can it be a virus if not then what?
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    Mpg (not relali dvd buning, but im going to make it a dvd so..)

    i downloaded a movie its a .mpg and when i try opening it in anything(i tried: WMP, winamp, VLC media player, divx player, the playa) it says it cannot read the file or it is crrupt. Is there any way for me to recover it or something?
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    Use Cybershot as webcam

    Is there any way i can use my digital camera (Sony Cybershot 5.1 megapixel) as a webcam, like with aim video IM or other things? Do i need some software or something?
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    DVD/CD burner burns CDs as .img

    Also, my DVD burner(some cheap one), is sopposed to burn CDs as well, but when i use Nero(its version 5, i gotta get install of 6, just been too lazy), it asks me where to save the image to, and then all it does is tkae 30sec to make a img file on my desktop (i tried making it save to the blank...
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    Best burning program for just downloaded files, other Qs

    1. Whats the best program for burning DVDs from just ne files that i DLed from internet? 2. Whats a good program (hopefully same as above) for taking off the copywrite and copying DVDs 3. Is there any way i can make a dvd out of a .bin file. 4. How can i make DVD using with a subtitle...