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  1. adarsh

    Remote desktop

    ^ That would be great. You could also try LogMeIn (Hamachi) and set up a virtual private network.
  2. adarsh

    I need help whit my internet connection

    You could try a bandwidth limiter on the other computers and set a lower preference. Download the free version.
  3. adarsh

    What is the best way to protect my computer

    1) Run your applications in Sandboxie : Do your best to open DVD's/USB devices in Sandboxie. It should put a stop to like 70% of the malware. 2) Do NOT use Internet Explorer. Use Opera browser or Mozilla Firefox. 3) Install a good firewall like COMODO. Also, imo, Avira is a...
  4. adarsh

    Drive disappeared

    Hi :) do you mean that it's not accessible from "Computer" after resuming from sleep mode? Have you tried resetting your mountpoints2 key in the Windows Registry? Please create a new system restore point by opening System Restore and clicking on "Create a Restore Point". Open a Run dialog box...
  5. adarsh

    screen problem?

    which laptop are you using? i'm asking because I've had these kinds of problems with the HP Pavilion series of laptops in the past. finally found out that the series I had purchased was prone to gfx card overheating issues.
  6. adarsh

    Printer to Laptop Direct

    Heard of printing through bluetooth?
  7. adarsh

    Local host folder.

    Visit a good malware removal community such as Malware Removal or Spyware Info Forum. They give expert advise based on logs taken from your system. You seem to be having website redirections there due to a modified hosts file, or a proxy.
  8. adarsh

    Windows XP SP3

    I don't think discussion of downloading pirated software is allowed on this forum. Read the rules before you make a post.
  9. adarsh

    Need help with new computer

    Are you using D3D as your graphics renderer? Try switching between OpenGL and D3D and see whether it makes a difference or not.
  10. adarsh

    Please help with virus!

    Post a HijackThis/RSIT log in one of the following professional malware removal forums : or
  11. adarsh

    Creating an operating system from scratch

    Take a look at this page : And particularly : This *should* help you get a good start with ASM.
  12. adarsh

    Intermittent internet conn. Loss

    Hmm.. well then.. how old is your wireless card? You may have to get a replacement...
  13. adarsh

    Intermittent internet conn. Loss

    Loss of signal is usually attributed by too many electronic appliances placed close to your desktop. Also, it can be because of the distance between your router and your desktop... try moving the router closer to your desktop if possible. Signals also get weaker when they pass through walls...
  14. adarsh

    187 Viruses?

    Hi, just switch off your system restore (you can find it here, Start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools>System Restore), and click OK. Switch on your system restore again. What you are actually doing by turning it off and then turning it back on is flushing the infected system restore...
  15. adarsh

    Help Required: Format Drive C

    Hi :) I think your MBR has been corrupted. To fix it, we need to get into recovery console. This cannot be done without a functioning CD/DVD drive :( If you can get an external one, then you need to rebuild your MBR using your Windows setup disc. Find the detailed instructions here.
  16. adarsh

    Help Required: Format Drive C

    Hi Matt, Can you give this a shot? As soon as your laptop boots, enter BIOS setup and set it to detect your current hard-drive using Autodetect. Save the changes and reboot your computer. Does the OS load?
  17. adarsh

    Startup Application Help

    Ok, this involves registry editing. Backup your registry before you do anything (or, just a System Restore snapshot will do). Open a new notepad file and copy paste the following into it : @echo off reg add HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run /v SecurityKey /d <the path to...
  18. adarsh

    Thinking about getting Linux

    Ubuntu is great! I have Ubuntu 8.04 installed, and it works a treat. I'm also dual booting it with Vista. For tech support on Ubuntu, go to
  19. adarsh

    Oh no...

    This came up in a google search : Boot from your XP Setup CD and enter the Recovery Console Run "Attrib -H -R -S" on the C:\Boot.ini file Delete the C:\Boot.ini file Run "Bootcfg /Rebuild" Run Fixboot Ofcourse, for this, you need access to a XP Home disc because need to get...
  20. adarsh

    What can i do with having Java skills

    Hi, italianbull :) It depends on what you want to do. You can have web based Java applications, and also, standalone programs. Web based applications finds uses in data encryption, and pretty much almost anything you want. And standalone programs also have the same application. So, this...