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  1. Samuel1941

    Who Uses EaseUS? Is what they are doing, legal?

    I think "Is this legal" is not the correct question. The correct question is, "Is this ethical?" And, you don't need a poll to answer that !
  2. Samuel1941

    Internet Browser

    It's been a while since this board has discussed and recommended Internet Browsers. A few years ago, Pale Moon was a board favorite. I have been using it, but even though I keep it updated, it has some failures on some web sites. What is everyone's current favorite?? Internet Explorer...
  3. Samuel1941

    Add and delete pages from PDF?

    I use Foxit. This may do it for you and it's free.
  4. Samuel1941

    Getting Info From a Cell Phone

    Not aware of it. Will it do what I want...copy contacts? I'll do some research. Thanks!
  5. Samuel1941

    Getting Info From a Cell Phone

    I have a Samsung Android Note 8. I'm looking for a FREE program that will allow me to download my phone contacts list to my computer for printing and backup. I'm trying to avoid having to hand copy the list and make it easier to update my backup as I add/subtract contacts. I've done a couple of...
  6. Samuel1941

    Office software

    I have used this program for years. Free, and does everything I need.
  7. Samuel1941

    Image viewer

    I've never liked the Windows viewers. In the past, I have used a couple of viewers I paid for, but the best and the one I use now is the free viewer, Irfanview. Free and easy download and does everything I need. You can try it and if it doesn't do what you...
  8. Samuel1941

    Transferring From Old to New Computer

    Have ordered a new computer. Old (current) computer is XP Pro. New (ordered) will be 8.1 :) I dread having to transfer all my stuff (files, programs, settings, etc) to the new computer. :eek: Any suggestions on the best way to do it?? Comments on LapLink or a similar program.
  9. Samuel1941

    Please help urgent!!!

    If you read the description on the EBay page, it calls the camera a "Pluscom Webcam". If you google "Pluscom Webcam" you will a bunch of info like drivers and YouTube videos.
  10. Samuel1941

    File formats and Menus

    Silvia......... For questions like these,,, or are your best friend. :) Type each question into one of the search engines above and you will get more than you will ever find here. :good:
  11. Samuel1941

    GoPro Hero 3

    Nice plus for the Contour is that with Bluetooth you can use your cell phone as a monitor to see what is recording in real time....... i.e., camera on your helmet, monitor in your hand!!
  12. Samuel1941

    I want to hide some of my word, pdf files and also hide some websites I visit?

    I use "My Lockbox". I use the free's good for one folder and I put everything (folders, files, and HTML links) into it. Not only locks, it also hides the folder (invisible). For free, I can't find anything better!!
  13. Samuel1941

    Delete files

    I'm hoping this is an "honest" request from a new member. Almost sounds like ges wants to do something evil and have an alibi that it wasn't him/her who did it. If I'm reading this wrong, maybe the original post could have a little more info... :confused::eek:
  14. Samuel1941

    Photo Tourny: Pets

    Always liked this one. My cat, "December", contemplating a chess move.
  15. Samuel1941

    Photo Tourney : Entropy

    JNSkyliner....... In my opinion, that picture would be good for any theme!! Cute gal!!
  16. Samuel1941

    Which camera?

    Nikon Coolpix S8000 14.2 MP Digital Camera Under $300. Very good reviews! I've got one...very happy with it!
  17. Samuel1941

    New camera

    I highly recommend the Nikon Coolpix S8000. I've had one for a couple of months and only have good things to say. 14 megapixels, 10X optical zoom, and shoots very good video. Top rated at Consumer Reports and has very few consumer ratings on the Internet that are less than the maximum...
  18. Samuel1941

    Would you guys consider this lens to be in good condition?

    I guess no one else wants to tell you that lens is trashed. Sorry to be the guy that gives you the bad news, but there is more wear and tear on that lens than just dust!! Who ever owns that lens has treated it pretty poorly and I'd be afraid to buy it or anything else from that person...
  19. Samuel1941


    Don't know if this will work with Ubuntu, but I've had good luck with it using Windows...and, it's free!!
  20. Samuel1941

    Printer Install Problem

    I added a Brothers printer using wifi and over time, my computer kept periodically freezing right after it booted. Not knowing what was wrong (eventually discovered it was the printer) I checked for a virus, malware, bad RAM, etc. I finally thought maybe my OS was corrupted. Eventually...