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  1. tidyboy21

    *Official* Post Your Pictures Thread

    Love the portraits Jet, great colours, a good natural feel to them, great work.
  2. tidyboy21

    No access to HDD

    Yes it's on the inaccessible partition.
  3. tidyboy21

    No access to HDD

    I'm trying to sort out a laptop HDD problem. When the HDD is in the laptop it simply just wont boot, no error messages, just nothing. I've taken out the drive and hooked it up to my desktop. When I try and access it, it states: G:\ is not accessible. The file or directory is corrupted and...
  4. tidyboy21

    Check out this test photo!

    What don't you get? All I'm saying is if there is no PP done, then the image is saved as a JPEG, you might as well shoot JGEG to start with. RAW images are Digital Negatives. Processing these files is non-destructive. If images are exposed correctly all you will need to do is a few levels/...
  5. tidyboy21

    Check out this test photo!

    Don't take this the wrong way, but if you are using the files straight from the camera and not doing any PP work in RAW software there really is no point of shooting RAW at all.
  6. tidyboy21

    Vista boot times? Really taking it's time.

    It usually takes seconds for my pc to boot, but for some reason, I turned it on yesterday and it booted about 4 times slower than usual. When the OS loads the bar usually crosses the screen about 5 times, max 6. Now, it has jumped up to 20. That’s one hell of a jump. I know it would slow down...
  7. tidyboy21

    Telephoto Lens Recommendation

    I know this may be way over your budget, but may be worth looking around for a Sigma 70-200mm f2.8. It's a great lens, f2.8 all the way through the zoom so great for low light conditions. Image quality is far better than any 70-300mm. I think that vroom skies has one, may be worth asking him...
  8. tidyboy21

    New Astro Shots

    There is nothing wrong with editing. You won't find a pro out there who doesn't edit their pictures, that’s the whole point of digital photography. It's all about what YOU see, not what your camera sees! If you look up on a clear night your eyes are able to see the moon and stars. The camera...
  9. tidyboy21

    Northbridge fan question

    If that’s your board pictured above then its no problem fixing a fan to it. All you need to do is: first choose the fan (Usually 40-60mm, 10mm thick). You will need the screw length to be around double the thickness of the fan. So, say you are using a fan that is 10mm thick, go for a screw about...
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    Will this fit my CPU?

    +1, I do love mine, especially in black.
  11. tidyboy21

    Can you do me a favor please...

    No probs, glad you liked it.
  12. tidyboy21

    Can you do me a favor please...

    How are these? I've done two for you, One plain one, and another with bevels, shadows and glows. On the plain one I had to put a very light glow around the XFX and Western Digital logos because you couldn't really see the black lettering on the dark background. Hope that they are ok. Plain...
  13. tidyboy21

    You guys gotta check this CPU cooler out!

    You might want to wait for these to come out first. The V10: The V12: The V10 looks stupidly big! I do like the look of the V12 with what looks like 2 x 120mm fans.
  14. tidyboy21

    stress!!!! test, opinions???

    It will come with tp, but not pre applied. Just my opinion, I would not use the stuff that comes with it, get some MX2 or AS5. I'm sure a lot of people on here will agree with that. When it comes to applying it, this roughly explains how. Although there are several ways of applying it.
  15. tidyboy21

    stress!!!! test, opinions???

    Ideal, good choice. You should be able to hit 3.3/ 3.4 with that.
  16. tidyboy21

    CPU Cooler, need some good advice :)

    I know the Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro looks a bit bland but is a great performer. As for the Zalman 9700, you'll love it. I've got one in another PC and it's one of the easiest coolers to install + it will fit fine in your Soprano Case.
  17. tidyboy21

    stress!!!! test, opinions???

    Just keep it under 65c and you'll be fine. I'd recommend getting a 3rd party cooler anyway to further lower temperatures.
  18. tidyboy21

    Intel Overclocking Tool

    A small village just outside St Austell called St Stephen, where are you? Small world, lol
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    Intel Overclocking Tool

    Just my opinion, but you are not going to be as stable when overclocking in windows. It's always better to overclock in BIOS. If you must overclock in windows, try these: SysTool & clockgen. Just remember, patience is the name of the game when it comes to overclocking.