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    What do you think of these specs?

    obviously its for gaming... go amd and self build
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    Acrylic case

    id just get a lian li
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    Windows Movie Maker Question

    ok ive made a vid on windows movie maker and when i save it it only saves as a windows mmovie maker file. how do i change it to a wmv ?
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    Free DVD Codec

    thx a bunch ill try this one out
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    Free DVD Codec

    i need a codec to play dvds anyone have a good free one?????
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    Buying a Laptop

    get the dell xps 2 the best laptop out pentium m (arguebly best intel proc) 6800 ultra go (best vid card for laptops and only on dell xps 2) cheap price w/ 1 gig of ram maybe 2400 usd
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    Aquarium computer

    id make the casing for the comp like have the casing for the comp then have another one right after just in case the outer breaks then you can fix it so it wont mess up with inner if it breaks, or if the inner breaks you can fix it before the watter breaks the outter or something like a double hull
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    help needed with stuck memory card

    maybe put some really strong tape double sided tape on a flat piece of wood or plastice and try that?
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    hows this case and cpu?

    that case is ugly, might as well call it a christmas tree
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    Notebook for $2000

    get tthe inspirion 9300 from dell and get a 6800go and buy the ram yourself and you should fit in that price range
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    Homebuilt Laptops

    making a laptop is a big hassle. usually people buy a busted laptop off ebay and repair it and upgrade grpahx card cpu and buy a screen to fit and a case to fit it all
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    $200-range graphics card?

    theres always goin to be someone out there that has a bad time with a card so cant just base it off one time
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    Notebook for $2000

    the dell is the best laptop out right now with the 6800 ultra and its a great price and has the awesome pentium m proc which rocks
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    What makes Macs better, really?

    dude there are no spyware or viruses on macs at least no one has gotten one before
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    What makes Macs better, really?

    the mac g5s are pretty sick... but imo most of america and the world should be using macs if theyre not gaming because it solves their number one complaint No spyware/viruses
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    Finally!!!!A New Pc

    how much you pay for it?
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    pentium m and 4

    the pentium ms are quite nice for gaming as well
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    What will make a bigger difference?

    get the chainteek av10 or whatever their 25 dollar sound card is beats anyhing 4x its price
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    What's a good portable laptop (sub 3lbs) for bike touring!!

    i say maybe a pda with microsoft 2003 whatever os it is or one of those tablet laptops
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    which video card?

    id go with a ATI in that price range the 9xxx (maybe 9600 or 9800se?) series beats teh snot outta the gforce fx series.