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    Lots of downtime from Webhosting Provider!

    I have been with site5, their good and good pricing and can talk in real time to them over the inernet through a chat portal. Very good service. Take a look!
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    Vista funny errors made by me

    Use paint or photoshop, GIMP, paint shop pro....use google to find some.
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    Remote Connection

    I have since heard of a program called Real VNC but cant seem to get it running...I have the vista version just seems to say the process is runnign and when it does, it doesnt seem to display an IP to connect to...:s
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    What area of IT should I go?

    Only you can answer whether you would want to do something as a carerr - no one else can.
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    What area of IT should I go?

    Its hard to say, its something you need to explore yourself. Best to start by gettig into an IT environment and the slowly build on your knowledge and understanding.
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    What area of IT should I go?

    Also you need to be confident at the level they require as if something like a core router or switch fails you need to know what your doing. As for example if a router failed, it could be 1000s of customers effected and alot of ISP for business especially have agreements where if their...
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    What area of IT should I go?

    Yes...I work for a ISP in a NOC and comms is where alot of it lies and where the money is...though it really isnt something your going to just walk way is getting into the environment with a lower requirement job and then learn as you work..
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    Remote Connection

    Hi , I have a remote connection setup within my home so I can have my desktop turned on and can access and use the PC via the laptop. The question I have is my PC is connected to a 26" LCD which what I want to be able to do is use the laptop to navigate the PC and then be able to play a...
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    How much would you say these are worth?

    £150 you think.....and do you guys think that would be selling as individual parts? as I have a hiper PSU aswell jsut not sure what model it is. The case I imagine would be difficult to sell as has a few scratches on it..
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    I Hate My ISP

    Use 3G?
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    Computer help

    Has the PC got a dedicated graphics care and your plugging the video cable onto the onboard port?
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    How much would you say these are worth?

    Hi, I have a desktop which I am looking at getting rid of, simple because I have a laptop and want to save space. I am looking at selling the parts as individuals supppose to a full build. * Gigabyte S775 I915g ATX Sound GiG LAN USB 2.0 FSB800 SATA Retail Box * Intel Pentium 4 540...
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    Media Server

    about 400-£500 is that adequate..?
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    Media Server

    Thanks for that. Any feedback on the dell poweredges? or this HP -
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    Laptop help =]

    Sounds like a simple cause from a windows update. Do a system restore point back to a couple days ago (check to see the calendar in restore point and look for a date previously to when the problem arised)
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    Media Server

    Hi All, I want to get a media server setup within my home. I have a few questions and queries I hope you all can help me with. The uses I want to have out of it are: Backup Downloading Media streaming to TV/XBOX First questions is do I have to have a static IP to be able to put the...
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    Network Storage

    Hi, I would like to make something like this: As have a laptop now and considering of discarding my PC. I would like to use those parts in the PC to make something thing like that of the above. So can be used to storage all files...
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    I have monitor issues?

    reset the screen with the auto reset button otherwise appears screen is faulty.
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    Background Eraser

    gimp software?
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    advent 7113

    With the advents you have to remove the screw from underneath the laptop and then at the top end of the keyboard (near screen) their will be clips you need to push down with flat head screw driver to release, pull out ribbon cable and replace. Keyboard set you back usally £35 - but may need to...