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  1. Tayl

    Info storage site

    Why not simply E-Mail the information to yourself and access your E-Mail on all machines to get the information at a later date?
  2. Tayl

    Decent Flip Phones?

    Are decent flip phones a thing of the past? Out of all the styles of mobile phones I've always preferred flip phones to any other type or style of phone. However, since all of the mobiles became 'smartphones' what with their touch screens and such they seem to be doing away with any sort of flip...
  3. Tayl

    Ian's Camera Forum

    Ian, I'm surprised you don't just make a new category on CF and add all of those sections on the camera forum to this one and make this almost like a super forum (maybe make a generic domain that points to this forum but also point cameraforum and the computerforum domains to it also). I am a...
  4. Tayl

    Resizing images for webforum signatures?

    +1. Another GIMP enthusiast here. Great free art / image manipulation application that'll do exactly what you need.
  5. Tayl


    Added you pal. Don't suppose anyone knows why I can't seem to see anyone on my chat/messenger list? Ive tried adding people to it but again I seem to be overlooking the option to do so. Can anyone else see their contacts on their chat list in the bottom left? :: Edit :: I think I've sussed...
  6. Tayl


    Thanks a lot for that pal. I think I'm slowly managing to learn to navigate around it. Although it doesn't seem amazingly iPad friendly unfortunately. :: Edit :: From what I can see it actually looks really tidy, neat and impressive. I love how Google are managing to intertwine everything...
  7. Tayl


    That would be brilliant. Does the email address you send the invite to have to be the one you sign up with?
  8. Tayl


    Are people still able to put out invites for this? I tried joining via but I get a message saying they've exceeded capacity.
  9. Tayl

    Netbook and On Line Banking

    I have two iPads as well as my main Laptop and I use the laptop for general internet usage and web browsing, my 1st gen iPad for the wife to use and my 2nd gen iPad is strictly for banking, personal work and using certain purchased apps, and that's strictly it. If you have the money to buy...
  10. Tayl

    Blackberry storm nightmare

    In comparison to that Blackberry handset of course iPhones are good. But then again when you get a good few apps on it and running the battery life on an iPhone is absolutely appauling. IPhones are a waste of time until they sort out some form of longer lasting battery, in my opinion (but then...
  11. Tayl

    Blackberry storm nightmare

    I used to have that phone. Worst handset (beside the original storm) that Blackberry ever released in my opinion. Best thing I ever done with it was accidentally drop it into a curry which caused it to stop working and make me buy a new handset. Do you actually like it?
  12. Tayl

    A Little Bit of Everything For Sale.

    He said 8gb. I'm assuming that PSP wouldn't work with UK games? Or are PSP games universal nowadays?
  13. Tayl

    HTML, CSS, and maybe some java

    +1 for W3schools. Brilliant website to learn from if you're a beginner.
  14. Tayl

    Free (legal), good photoshop program

    Always been an avid GIMP fan when doing digital art at the cost of nothing.
  15. Tayl


    Indeed. I'm nearly 100% sure there was a post less than a few days old before mine (normally a requirement of mine in order for me to post within a thread).
  16. Tayl

    How do SIM cards work?

    Damn you :P
  17. Tayl

    Moniter Making High pitched noises

    I always found that with my old piece of junk CRT (but I loved it at the time) any problem that it had or that occurred while using it was easily solved with a nice quick slap to the side or top of it. But in short, a high pitched buzzing is normally a sign to replace the old girl. I'd be...
  18. Tayl

    How do SIM cards work?

    You'll find that most, if not all mobile phones now come with micro SD slots.
  19. Tayl

    What are you currently playing?

    Linkin, is that game actually any good/worth the money? I was debating on buying it for the PS3.
  20. Tayl

    Come ye Mods and Admins

    I'd be a bit more concerned, or annoyed, that when you put that into Google the majority of the results are linked or related to illegal download websites, as opposed to this forum. If anything you should leave these threads active just so there is something decent and legit within the search...