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  1. tremmor

    WIndows 10 Couple Issues Regarding Quad Monitors & Wireless Keyboard

    use the usb in the front. also when was the last time ya changed the batteries on mouse and keyboard.
  2. tremmor

    WIndows 10 How often to power down, or cold boot?

    Im same as Johnb. Sleep mode only and off at night when done.
  3. tremmor

    problem with mouse cursor windows 10 pro

    Ok.......its working. I played with it for quite a while. think it was fixed when i took it to another date. was also playing with some settings. not sure what did fix it. its working right now. but thanks.
  4. tremmor

    problem with mouse cursor windows 10 pro

    Wife starts computer and after 1 min the cursor wont move anymore if im logged in. If you restart computer and wait 1 min without logging in the cursor will stop moving after a min. Changed usb ports front and back same thing. install two other mouses i have and same thing. Any suggestions...
  5. tremmor

    WIndows 10 cmd path question

    E:\youtube\*.mp4/s think this one will work from the dos prompt.
  6. tremmor

    What was your first computer?

    Built a IMSAI 8008 and 8080 computer in the beginning. Had 8" disc drive only and think 4k of mem. Was no Internet and only dial up bulletin boards off the phone line during the day. then built a TRS80 from radio shack kit and 4k of mem. All had only black/white or green letter monitors. then...
  7. tremmor

    Good blue tooth device for phone?

    i checked on the net and says it supports it. as said just goto a dealer and they will set it up.
  8. tremmor

    cusor trouble?

    Only a suggestion: Ive had it not moving often enough. would wipe the table and bottom of mouse. spray a little Pledge on the table and bottom of mouse. then wipe clean with paper towel. would work fine again. try it.
  9. tremmor

    What is the meaning of mAh difference for same model battery?

    that applies to a good battery. yours is dead because ya didn't maintain properly. Overcharging and using the battery and running down to zero volts. If ya buy a new battery then maintain it properly. and by a name brand battery. i would just take the battery out and use the power supply at this...
  10. tremmor

    What is the meaning of mAh difference for same model battery?

    My suggestion is stay with a name brand if ya can. Off brand is surely a fire hazard. The power supply you picked will work. amps an volts are ok. I dont like the idea of leaving the power supply plugged in constant.
  11. tremmor

    BT Mail a mess, recommendations please

    After installing Thunderbird try clicking import on the top then choose import everything or choose individually. May work with what ya have.
  12. tremmor

    a dreaded MSDOS type of program

    try this. cd\ then enter then type tree then enter
  13. tremmor

    WIndows 10 Changing font size and boldness on Internet.

    If i understand it right just hold down the CTL key and rotate the mouse wheel up or down to enlarge the text or smaller. this will enlarge the screen.
  14. tremmor


    good choice, will be the right choice.
  15. tremmor


    Make a trip to a store like bestbuy and try it out your self. What works for one person does not mean it will work for you. Try it out then make the decision. a regular mouse is the same way. Like some and not others. good luck...........
  16. tremmor

    AdBlock Asking for Money

    for the record i never had AdBlock ask for donation or money and have used for years now.
  17. tremmor

    Lazor verses Ink

    I was the same there. Went with a laser Brother color printer. Cheaper to buy but a bit more for the cartridge. Had mine about 2-1/2 yrs and have not bought or replaced a cartridge yet. love it. its a HL-3170CDW printer. Had bought a extra black cartridge and have not used yet. Love it.
  18. tremmor

    what to do? Phone, laptop, ipad

    agreed.........tablets work fine. time and place for it. don't use often but useful.
  19. tremmor

    Print a "print-locked" webpage

    hit print screen then paste or try using the snipping tool built into windows. works well.
  20. tremmor


    just click new then high light what ya want to copy. then right click the picture then copy. then ya can paste it. Snip it will do more. ya have to play with it a bit.